Why Do Cats Like Boxes so Much?

why do cats like boxes?

Cats have a strange obsession with boxes. Most of us are aware of this little fact.

Surely it has happened to you that a package comes home, and we have not finished removing the things from the package when our cat is already inside the box. But just why do cats like boxes?

The truth is that there is no better gift for a cat than a box, and they usually get into any box they find.

Even if you just bought a fancy cat toy for hundreds of dollars, you may soon realize that your little friend is instead playing in the box it came in instead…

We will tell you all the reasons and everything you should know about why cats love boxes.

The boxes are an ideal hiding place for cats

Remember that cats come from a wild environment, and it is natural for them to have to hide from predators.

When a cat finds a box, it feels like it has found the perfect place not to be attacked, and a cardboard box especially can make it feel safe and in control of it’s environment.

This instinct for cat protection comes from when non-domesticated cats had to fend off many predators.

Basically cats were hiding in a safe place and it makes sense that they would like boxes to hide in when you consider it from this perspective.

In fact, our cat may need the safe space of a box, since various investigations have shown how cats reduce their stress, after having a cozy cardboard box. (1.)

Although domestic cats have no need to hide, they are not in a wild environment; Their very wild instinct makes them look for places where they feel safer.

It is ideal to have a small cardboard box when we have adopted a cat; This will facilitate the adaptation process and the cat will feel much calmer and more comfortable.

If your cat suffers from anxiety or bad behaviors, this is a great alternative.

In addition, cats sleep a lot and a box is the perfect place to take a very quiet nap; where they will feel that there is no danger.

orange cat lying inside box. cat with green eyes inside cardboard box. why do cats like boxes? cats in boxes.
why do cats like boxes so much?

The box is a place to observe and prepare your ambush

A box will not only be a safe place for cats, it will make them feel powerful.

For a cat, the four walls of a box are more than enough to feel like he is in control of everything. From there, the cat will keep an eye on the entire area.

You have probably seen your cat watching you from the box. What we don’t know yet is that our cat “thinks is invisible inside the box”, literally.

Our cat thinks that no one else sees him there, so we should not be scared when he jumps out of the box to give us a scare or to anything that happens nearby.

Remember that while we walk, the movement of our foot can seem like prey for our cat.

The cat in its wild state hides to observe the prey so that when the prey least expects it, the cat can jump on it.

This also means that you put your instincts into action. This is really a very common thing, as it is part of his hunting instinct.

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The boxes are made of an irresistible material for cats

Definitely a box awakens all the curiosity of a cat in the most fun ways.

The cat quickly discovers that the cardboard is ideal for scratching and biting.

In addition, cardboard boxes have a peculiar aroma that appeals to them and they love to leave their mark on them.

This attractive odor is due to the fact that cats’ food sources before they were domesticated, come from wooded areas.

Forest trees are a familiar smell to cats and remember that cardboard is made of paper, which comes from the pulp of a tree.

Also, this material makes cardboard boxes warm, making them much more attractive to cats.

Cats love the heat, soaking up some sun and a box is a great place to find that “nice warmth” do they seek.

A cat’s body temperature can range from 37 to 39 degrees. (2.)

This means that its temperature is higher than that of humans, and for this reason, they feel more comfortable in environments between 30 and 36 degrees; however, houses tend to maintain temperatures between 22 degrees most of the time.

The cardboard retains the hot temperature very well, and our cat will not hesitate to roll into the box.

And if the box is made to measure, this whole experience will be even more perfect.

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When a cat feels stressed it needs a safe place

Our cat could feel stress or anxiety for many reasons.

For example, our cat may live with other pets and it is possible that after sharing an activity with them, he will feel stressed and just want to escape.

It is there when our cat needs a safe place. Right now, having a box means “not to be disturbed.”

This will be your special place (which isolates you from the outside world).

This is a real way to avoid conflicts with our cat.

Remember that they do not have the ability to express their stress and problems by talking, they just leave the place and want to go to their comfort zone.

Otherwise, our cat can become very aggressive and destructive in the home.

Nobody wants that.

grey cat inside cardboard box. cute cat with green eyes. how to make your cat happy. cat looking through hole.

How do we make a box perfect for our cat?

Cats really like all kinds of boxes, but especially those made of cardboard and that fit their size.

But they will also like to have bigger boxes, where they can have special toys for them. Our cat is likely to not only want to sleep there but have a little fun too.

A towel or a cloth at the bottom of the box will be almost like a gift for our cat. and it will make the cat feel incredibly comfortable inside.

In addition, sleeping will also be very cozy.

If you must leave home for a while, your cat will feel much better if you leave him a blanket with your scent on it.

Do not forget to completely condition the box, you must remove any object that may bother your cat, such as staples, tape, or objects that have been left inside.

It is also a matter of safety, you don’t want your cat lying around and playing in some box that has a staple in it, and may accidentally hurt it’s skin or such.

Experts say that the ideal is to position the box approximately 60 centimetres from a wall in the house.

Just observe what seems to make your cat happy, as we all want our little furry friend to feel as happy and relaxed as possible in our home.

A happy cat, makes a happy home after all…

With these tips in mind, your cat is sure to have a great home experience alongside its special box.

Now that we have answered the question of “why do cats like boxes” and you have read all about cute cats in boxes, you may also enjoy reading about why cats knead.

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