Top 17 Most Gorgeous Orange Cats

orange cat with green eyes

It is always a fun feeling to be casually walking down the street, on a rainy rough day even, but then suddenly seeing the most gorgeous and adorable cat in the world casually walking around.

When you see a cute cat, it is almost like the world seems brighter and they bring so much joy into our lives just with their presence alone.

I know it is impossible to actually have to pick one cat to hold the title of “the most gorgeous cat in the world”, as they are all so unique and cute in their own way.

We can though, appreciate these gorgeous orange cats here in this article, where I have found the most stunning orange cats you have ever seen!

At least today…

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This gorgeous orange cat with green intense eyes is looking back at the camera like he is just enjoying a good day by himself.

He has light orange beautiful fur and his adorable white whiskers are casually pointing downwards as if he is relaxed and feeling calm.

A cat’s eyes are most of the time one of the most extravagant aspects of a cat and they are in almost all cases like a work of art. This cat has some white on his neck and stomach, like a scarf in a way to keep himself warm at cold days.

orange cat lying on floor

This little buddy has really thick and fluffy fur, which means petting him is probably very pleasant and nice to do. Cats with really thick fur can sometimes loose hair and it is a good idea to brush your cat every day with a gentle brush if that is the case.

His fur is the same steady color all over, maybe a hint of stripes but nothing dramatic really. He also has intense and stunning green eyes like the before mentioned one, but his eyes are a hint more on the darker green side.

Speaking of stripes, this orange and white kitten has lovely dark brown stripes on his fur and his dark eyes seem to match. He has white paws, a bit of white on his nose and a white large spot on his belly.

This cat is just chilling outside in nature, with some grass in the background and one may wonder if he was even eating some grass, but cats sometimes like to eat grass to prevent fur balls from forming.

Read: Why do cats eat grass?

cute orange cat by the window…

This orange cat by the window looks perfectly relaxed and content with watching the world go by around him.

Cats love looking out the window, especially from a high place as it can make them feel safe and it is fun for them to be able to watch all the strange humans and animals go by.

The kitty has his head raised upwards gracefully as if something has caught his eye, maybe a bird in a tree. Who knows.

This orange cats fur is an almost fiery red, more so than a simple plain orange shade. His tail is wrapped around his body like cats often do when they feel secure and happy. He has fluffy white fur on his paws and stomach, fading into the red thick fur elegantly.

You can read all about the cat body language here, and how to tell how your cat is feeling depending on it’s body language and such.

Here we have a fabulous little fellow strolling around non nonchalantly outside on his own.

Maybe he is an outdoor cat, or just an indoors kitty going for his daily walk and hoping to get some fresh air. His overly fluffy tail is high in the air giving off a confident vibe, and the cat’s tail is almost as big as his entire body.

His orange fur is the same yellowish hue as the grass which has a bit of snow upon it, so you can tell it is winter at the time. Many cats love playing around in the snow, but that particular one probably won’t be doing that in such a small amount of snow.

Maybe later.

orange cats often have beautiful eyes…

If you have noticed anything by now, it is probably how many of these cats have amazing colored eyes. This adorable little guy has yellow-brownish eyes which fit his autumn like coat perfectly, but a bit lighter though.

The cat has darker orange stripes around his eyes and face, making him look fierce and magnificent on his own.

Maine Coon cats are known to be especially beautiful with their thick long fur.

orange and white cat with blue eyes in nature. cat in grass. cat outside with blue eyes. two colored cat outside.

Orange cats often tend to be two colored, either with their darker stripes or their simply having a white colored chest. This cat is looking back at you half covered in tall grass with bright blue eyes.

When orange cats have blue eyes it is always exceptionally gorgeous, because the blue color is intensified by it’s contrasting orange.

This particular cat is king of not on the orange side, but he can still count! He is playing in a box like so many cats adore doing and it is a fun hobby for them.

Cats love boxes of all sorts, but especially cardboard boxes.

There are many reasons behind this, such as it feeling like the perfect safe place to hide in, as these animals enjoy hiding so much.

The cats large ears are upright and it is looking straight ahead almost in a serious fashion.

orange and white cat hiding on box. orange cat on top of furniture. cats on furniture. cats in high places.

Just like cats love looking out windows, they also enjoy being higher up than the rest of us. Here we can see an orange and white colored cat lying high up on some sort of box, looking down at something.

He looks happy and enjoying himself, his green eyes closely watching the world below him. Nothing can get up to him while he is up there, I am sure.

He has a bit of white fur on his face, and we can see his collar peeking around from his fur around his neck .

orange cat with green eyes. cat with yellow eyes. cat in the sun. beautiful cat eyes.

Now we can be almost certain that orange cats have just the most incredible eyes around!

This cat is lying on what looks like a pillow of sorts in the sun and it almost radiates off the orange colored coat. It would make sense for orange cats to look fabulous in sunny weather, them being the same color as the sun and it therefor radiating off them and complimenting their fur nicely.

The relaxing cat has bright yellow eyes, almost like a magical dragon would and the hairs are sticking up a bit and glistening in the sunlight.

You can see just from this picture alone that it is a very warm and sunny day outside.

cute sleepy orange kitten. tired orange cat. cat with orange eyes. cat with orange stripes. cutest orange kittens.

You can tell this little kitten has had a long day and is ready to have a nap. His dark brown eyes are half closed and he looks rather tired, but maybe he just hasn’t gotten enough nap time in that particular day.

He has very light colored orange fur, which is still beautiful but it is almost like a pastel type of color even.

This soft color as well as his soft looking fur makes one just want to pet and hold him for hours and hours. But that may not be the best idea, for then he would have trouble getting his well deserved nap.

orange cat lying in cat bed. cat with blue background. cute orange cats. cat with orange fur.

Every cat is bound to have their own favorite place to sleep, and orange cats are no exception.

This cute cat is lying calmly in his bed, which seems to be a part of a scratching post as well. Cats do like to scratch stuff and if you want your furniture to stay pretty and safe, you should get your house tiger a good scratching post to use.

The cat appears to be in a good mood, smiling almost and we can imagine he would be purring even if we can’t hear it.

His paw is hanging lazily over the edge of his bed and I am sure most of us can relate to that feeling.

orange cat lying in grass. cat sleeping in grass. orange cats lying down. kitten in grass sleeping.

When you are a cat you have the luxury of being able to sleep anywhere you want really, at any time.

If you don’t have a fancy cat bed then the grass is just as good, or maybe he just wanted to enjoy the soft feeling of the grass for a moment in the sun.

This adorable little cat seems to be fast asleep in the green grass without a care in the world.

When you look closer though, you can see the cat’s tail is slightly raised upwards but it looks to be happy at the moment.

cat lying on top of furniture. cats in high places. cat lying in pile of leaves. types of cats.

This lovely kitty is looking around as he lies in a pile of leaves on top of some object. It definitely looks comfortable, and it is very likely you would not notice the cat if you were to pass it by quickly.

he has a white and orange pattern and an orange spot on his face which almost looks like a tiny mustache humorously.

He has cute green eyes and his ears are raised and alert despite his overall calm appearance and posture.

beautiful orange cat with thick fur. fluffy fur cat. cat with tail raised. orange cat with green eyes. cat walking on street.
orange cats are beautiful…

This cat is just so beautiful and gorgeous. He is walking forward down the pavement and is just making his way down the street like we all do.

His green eyes seem alive and his thick fur is rather long, meaning he would probably want someone to brush him from time to time to help him with hair loss.

cute cat lying on counter. orange cat on furniture. orange cats lying down. funny cat sleeping.

This cat is stretching over some furniture like he owns the place. His green or yellow colored eyes are glancing back at the camera curiously.

Cats are curious creatures and love playing around and exploring things, it is a part of being an intelligent animal.

orange kitten in a tree. kitten climbing a big tree. kitten on a branch. orange cat on a branch.

This cute orange kitten has light colored fur with darker stripes and is placed on a big branch looking around.

Cats are fantastic climbers and are always trying out new things to climb onto and branches to relax on.

Sometimes these climbing cats stumble upon exciting things such as insects, birds or even other cats who may have had the same idea to climb into their tree.

Which one did you think was the cutest one? Do you love orange cats as well? Let us know in the comments below!


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