Norwegian Forest Cat VS Maine Coon, a Comparison

Norwegian Forest Cat VS Maine Coon

Norwegian forest cats are strong and muscular, but it is also a tender companion who appreciates the flattery and attention of it’s owner.

The Maine Coon on the other hand really tends to stand out for being a rather large, robust and docile feline. It is bigger than the average cat you may be used to seeing, and has a thick extravagant fur that must be brushed almost every day.

Both are wonderful cats that can be fantastic companions, but if you are wondering how these two cat breeds are different, and which one would be a better pet for you, then you are in the right place and should keep reading.

We are going to compare these two similar, but yet so different cat breeds and see just what sets them apart.

Norwegian Forest Cat vs Maine Coon…


Norwegian Forest Cats:

This specific cat breed has a very sweet and loving personality.

This is a type of cat that appreciates being praised and loves interacting with their favorite human.

Norwegian forest cats are known to be very friendly and they adore humans and being in good company, as long as they are being treated well of course.

These cats are intelligent and headstrong, and when they want attention they can even become demanding of it.

This type of cats is still independent and even quiet some times as well though, it depends on each cat’s personality.

It is a very active cat which loves praise and they establish a strong and meaningful bond with their owner once he accepts them.

It is an outdoors type of cat, and it needs a lot of time and freedom outside of the house, and is an excellent climber as well as hunter.

The Norwegian Forest Cat is playful and enjoys chasing toys around passionately as if they were real and trying to escape.

It is also a very territorial type of cat, and these animals like to patrol several times each day to make sure everything stays in order and the hunting instinct of this cat is still strong.

These are very independent cats but still generally like the company of people and can be very family friendly.

They are not outstandingly good with children most of the time, but can still learn to live with them and behave properly.

Maine Coon Cats:

The Maine Coon cat breed has a very large size as well but it has a very sweet and docile temperament to it.

It is a cat species that loves it’s owners and they can adapt to practically any environment as long as they have enough space to roam freely and exercise enough.

This type of cat can be rather loud when running around, but the animals sweet and calm voice is further proof that this lion is just a little lamb at heart.

Maine Coon cats enjoy being in good company, and they love various games and activities as well.

If you like your cat to be outgoing and curious then this is the right cat for you.

Maine Coon cats should have plenty of things to do or they will get bored, for they too enjoy hunting and should have a wide variety of different fun toys around.

These cats are not aggressive as a rule, but are confident and proud, they will stand their ground firmly when they are in need of something and have a strong spirit.

Maine Coon cats adore all sorts of affection and they also love being cuddled and snuggled gently with a good friend. These types of cats are definitely among the friendliest of all cat breeds.

They have a great ability to adapt to the modern home and people in general as a rule of thumb.

These cats do tend to be very affectionate towards all members of the family, but they often have a predilection for one particular person who is their favorite.

This is often the person that gives them the most attention and food or such, but it depends on each cat and family.

Maine Coons are human and pet friendly, playful, sweet tempered, energetic, easy going, sociable, curious, adaptable, smart, and do eat a lot of food since they are so large.

A huge reason why so many people are so devoted to these types of cats is because they are so relaxed about people handling them and being pet as well.

It is a great quality to have, according to many people who like these furry big cats.

Since this cat breed is so naturally curious and affectionate towards their humans, they often respond to their own name when you try to call them from around the house or such. (1.)

If you are hoping to get a family oriented cat then a Maine Coon is almost ideal for they have such a patient and calm nature, and they can adapt easily and get along with almost anyone most of the time.

Quite often, the males of this breed are more sociable and less reserved than the female Maine Coons, which can appear to be more aloof and introverted at times.

Norwegian Forest Cat VS Maine Coon, white cat with brown eyes. cute cat long hair.
Norwegian Forest Cat VS Maine Coon…

Size And Height

Norwegian Forest Cats:


The height of the average forest cat is around 25 centimetres


This type of cat breed normally weights around 8 – 10 kilos

But, the male cats are most of the time heavier and weigh between 4 – 6 kilos, while the female cats weigh around 3 – 5 kilos.

Maine Coon Cats:


Maine Coon cats is on average 60 – 70 centimetres in height


Males are around 6.8 – 11 kilos, while the females are about 4.5 – 6.8 kilos in comparison

Physical Appearance

Norwegian Forest Cats:

The Norwegian forest cat has a triangular head shape and a strong firm and rounded chin.

It has a thick and muscular neck, being strongly built.

The cat’s paws stand out quite a bit because they are so muscular, and their hind paws are usually slightly taller than their front paws.

They as well have rather large claws which are large and round. There are hairs between the “fingers” on the paw itself.

This cat breed has very long, thick and overall large tails which are broad at the tail base, the tails having thick fur covering them too

This type of cat has a very beautiful almost fabulous fur, which is dense, smooth and very thick as well. Petting these cats is wonderful because of their lovely long fur which is has a silky feel to it impressively.

The fur’s length can vary some, depending on the time of year it is and the thick fur is also resistant to cold snow and water.

The fur is so thick and dense that the cat can appear much larger than it’s true size.

These types of cats are unique in the way that they have a particular feature related to their fur coat, but there is a semi-long woolly layer of an undercoat of sorts present under their long fur.

These cats won’t get cold anytime soon, that’s for sure.

The cats ears are rather large and they are very broad at the base of them.

The Norwegian Forest Cat has lynx plumes at their tips, and there are special tufts of hairs coming out of them.

These cats can be of many different colors, such as black, blue, red, silver, gold, turtle shell colored, cream blue, cameo or brown colored.

There are also many known patterns such as bi color, solid, tricolor, tabby, smoke, shading or a dotting pattern as well.

These can add up to some gorgeous variations in the cats and many of them have stunning and beautiful furs.

Norwegian Forest Cats have almond shaped eyes which are very open and a slightly oblique.

Their eyes have many color variations such as golden, green, blue or even disparate colored eyes.

Maine Coon Cats:

These types of cats have a large, slightly square, and a bit concave head.

Maine Coon cats are muscular with very robust bones and a strong frame to them.

They have a broad chest and a long type of rectangular shaped body.

It is worth to mention that the animal can look much larger than it is, having these specific features and characteristics.

These cats have thick legs and longer tufts of hair/fur behind their paws.

Maine Coon cats have a fairly long and thick tail on their body.

Their ears are tall and pointed, having “brushes” on them.

When it comes to the fur of this cat breed, it is very safe to say that they have long, dense, flexible and lovely shiny fur to keep them from getting cold.

One of the most interesting aspects of the cat’s fur coat is the fact that it is shaggy and has a longer draped look in the stomach area, and behind it’s legs as well, while on the shoulders it is shorter.

Similar to the Norwegian Forest Cat, Maine Coon cats also have a great variety of colors regarding their furs.

Some of these colors are white, brown, red, silver, black, cream blue, turtle shell colored or a beautiful golden hue.

Some of the fur patterns on this cat breed are tricolor, bi color, smoke, a simple solid, brindle, or shaded as well.

Maine Coon cats eyes are slightly oval shaped in many different colors such as gold, green or an exotic copper color.

light brown cat with long fur. long fur cat breeds. cute cat with long fur. pointy ears cat.
Norwegian Forest Cat VS Maine Coon

Nutrition And Diet:

Norwegian Forest Cats:

These cats need to spend a lot of time on their own outdoors freely for they are very territorial and like to have some space to themselves to explore and control.

They enjoy hiding, running around and ambushing their toys full of energy.

Norwegian Forest cats tend to be good at controlling their own feeding well, eating less and exercising more when they feel it is necessary.

If these kitties have enough time to play around freely, and enough space to roam and run around then it probably won’t ever be necessary to use any sort of a special feeding regimen.

It is though important to monitor their feeding, if they do get too big as the males can be more than 10 kilos.

Maine Coon Cats:

If you have a Maine Coon in your home, then you must control it’s feeding closely, since these cats often tend to become overweight or rather big if they don’t get the right attention.

They require a high quality diet which is also balanced, preferable one that is based on fresh food and raw meat of turkey or chicken. (2.)

Never give your Maine Coon Cat pork though, because it is too fattening for it.)

We should make sure to give our Maine Coon enough play time and some good attention since they are so active by nature, and doing so will keep them in good shape.

If your cat is round shaped, then it is time to play with it more.

Enough exercise is very important to them. There should be safe trees, and shelves, toys and enough room for your cat to run around without worries.

Maine Coon Cats are rather large and since they are so playful as well they sometimes accidentally knock things and items down when they are having fun and moving around.

It is not done intentionally tough, they are just so big and full of joy.

Cat Care Comparison:

Norwegian Forest Cats:

Norwegian Forest cats require the occasional brushing and fur grooming.

Maine Coon Cats:

When it comes to these animals, you should regularly brush your cat. Their fur is hardly weighed down, but it still needs proper care and attention.

The reason for this is how long the Maine Coon’s fur is, as it is a breed with a longer coat and if you don’t brush it regularly, they could ingest too much of said coat while grooming themselves.

If the cat were to lick itself with too much loose hair, it could generate more hairballs in their stomach than is healthy and normal.

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The Maintenance:

Norwegian Forest Cats:

This breed needs daily grooming to prevent any knots and possible tangles from forming on it’s fur coat.

You should brush your cats fur at least 2 or 3 times a week, sometimes more depending on the shedding amount.

This is especially true during it’s coat shedding period and some times where they shed a lot of hair. (3.)

Grooming your cat can be really fun and it doesn’t have to feel like a chore at all.

Your cat is likely to love it and enjoy it even, and you can give your cat a quick grooming session at the same time you are playing with it.

Though, since this type of a cat is so thick haired, you may have to use some remedy for hairballs if it comes to it at some point.

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Maine Coon Cats:

Maine Coon Cats need daily care with their fur.

You should check if there are any tangles, or maybe things stuck in the fur such as leaves or branches if they have been outside on an adventure.

You should brush them at least once or twice a week, and if they are leaving hairs all over the place you know what you must do.

Brush them more often if that is the case.

It is just the prize of having glorious fur worth of envy and praise.

Their fur must be brushed gently so it does not get tangled and a comb can soften it nicely.

Make sure to always brush them in gentle motions with a soft bristle brush specifically made for cats for grooming. (4.)

It is a good idea to teach your Maine Coon from an early age that this brushing is a fun activity so it can get used to it early on.

The Maine Coon is the perfect pet for those who are looking for a friendly and active feline, but you must still always take care of it as well and it does need quite a bit of care and grooming as well.

The Life Expectancy

Lets look at the life expectancy in the Norwegian Forest Cat VS Maine Coon…

The Norwegian Forest Cat:

Norwegian Forest Cats generally live between 8 – 14 years

The Maine Coon Cat:

Maine Coons live between 9 – 13 years on average.

The Origins:

Norwegian Forest Cats:

These types of cats and this breed has a certain mysterious aura surrounding it, and this is very apparent in it’s history which dates back to around 4000 years ago in cold Ancient Scandinavia.

These felines are believed to have been used by the Vikings to “control” the rodent plague in their villages, and considering this it is also very likely that the Vikings were responsible for their spread to the rest of Europe. (5.)

Maine Coon Cats:

This particular cat breed was probably introduced by sailors sailing in the direction of New England.

The cats that these sailors carried inside their ships probably left the ship or made a brief getaway along the coast, crossing paths with some native cats.

This is believed to have resulted in the breed we know today as the Maine Coon.

There is a widespread theory about these two species, saying that the Maine Coon is related to the Norwegian Forest cat because they look so similar after all.

Activity Differences

Maine Coons are usually more active than the Norwegian cat breed.

Maine Coons love being played with so if you are looking for such a cat, you know which one would be more suited for you.

blue cat eyes. beautiful cat eyes. cat with gorgeous eyes. feline eyes. cat portrait photo.
Norwegian Forest Cat VS Maine Coon


In terms of adapting better to ones surroundings, the Maine Coon manages to adapt much better to changes in it’s environment compared to the other breed.


If you look at the socializing aspect, Maine Coons are known to be much more sociable as they love attention and meeting new people and new personalities.


For coexistence with young children or kids, the Maine Coon cat is more suitable for this than the other.

So if you are wondering which cat to get, one that would work well with your children, this cat breed is considered to be one of the best ones for that.

but what are the biggest differences?

Norwegian Forest Cat VS Maine Coon?

The Key Differences- a Conclusion

  • Norwegian Forest Cats has more of a longer sweeping fur type, while Maine Coon Cats have more of a fluffy fur.
  • The Norwegian Forest Cat is often more quiet and laid back in comparison to the other.
  • Maine Coons are often said to have an almost “dog like” personality, and these types of cats can sometimes play fetch or be trained to walk on a leash like a dog would.
  • Maine Coons Have a square face shape with oval shaped eyes.
  • The Norwegian Forest cat has a more triangular face shape and almond shaped eyes in comparison.
  • Norwegian Forest Cats tails have more flowing and fuller fur, while The Maine Coons tail has a more bushy finish which has no direction.
  • While both types of cats are above average cat size, the Maine Coon is a bit bigger than the other.
  • Maine Coons are incredibly playful, while the other cat type is more leaning towards being lazy in comparison.

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