How To Take Care Of a Siamese Cat: Helpful Tips

Siamese Cat

The Siamese cat breed is spectacular and amazing to have around.

If you have ever been around one of these brilliant animals you will know how vibrant they are and full of energy and joy.

It is very important that you take great care of your new cat though, as they rely on you to take care of them completely.

They are very social cats and need a lot of affection and love from their owners, and don’t like being separated from them since they get so attached to people.

So, keep reading to find out how to take care of a Siamese Cat and some useful tips!

Caring For a Siamese Kitten

It is important that your new kitten is well cared for and you will need to take him to the vet for advice about immunization, worming and feeding.

The food and kitten milk are extremely important as diet sets him up for his life long health and hopefully he will be with you for a long time.

Ask the vet about the cat vitamin supplement Taurine as this is very good for the vision of the little cat.

The vet will also discuss de-sexing options with you, but this does not happen until about six months of age.

The kitten will miss his family for a while so let him sleep in a small room such as the laundry or at least where it is safe.

Everything he will need should be with him in that room such as food, water, cat litter and of course his bed so he can find it easily without getting lost.

If you have other pets you should introduce them to the kitten gradually and do not leave him unsupervised near them until he is older.

An older cat may not like a kitten coming into the house and could become aggressive if unsupervised.

Your kitten should be trained to use his cat litter, but if he gets it wrong don’t punish him just keep putting him in the litter tray until he gets more used to using it.

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Remember to take some photos of your new little friend, in a couple of years you will have forgotten how small and cute he was.

Siamese kittens are really fluffy until they are around six months of age and then they get their adult fur which looks much more sleek and feline.

Siamese cats have a lot of energy and like to climb, so buy a cat perch and some toys for the kitten to play with while you are at work or school.

Also buy a carrier to put him in when you go to the vet, as they get bigger it is harder to transport them and they need a carrier to enable safe transport.

Also, the vet waiting room is usually full of dogs and this can be a bit disconcerting for a small young cat.

Once your kitten gets used to being in your house he should be fine while you are out, and he will have lots to amuse himself with but cats are curious and he will definitely explore.

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Grooming Your Siamese Cat

In order to remove loose fur buy a little cat brush and brush your cat gently everyday if you must.

Helping to groom him in this way will get rid of excess fur and prevents fur balls from forming.

It also helps your kitten to be around people and to get used to his humans, and it will probably meow a lot when you groom it but that is normal for a Siamese.

He is just trying to talk to you and they do like to have company so it is a positive thing to see.

However, you can’t be there all the time.

If you are a remote worker or work from home they are certainly the ideal pet as they will always sit near you and often look for attention and are fun to be around.

Keep the brush near and give them an extra brush if they are loosing a lot of hairs all over the floor.

If they get fur balls there is a special cat grass that can be purchased from the garden shop, just ask for cat grass and you will be sold a small pot of it.

Leave it near the litter tray and the cat will use it to self medicate and get rid of any excessive fur balls.

The cat will sleep quite a lot, probably around 20 hours a day at first.

This is normal and an adult cat needs about 16 hours of sleep a day, so a kitten will be asleep for a lot longer.

They are nocturnal and usually become more active just when you are going to bed, in the wild they would be up at night hunting.

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Siamese cat with blue eyes…

Siamese Cats And The Outdoors

If you have a garden your Siamese cat will love to play outside and to lie in the sun being lazy.

They are very happy in the sun and can get sun burnt and develop skin cancer in some rare cases, so if they spend a lot of time outside buy a cat sunscreen at the vet some time.

You can put a bit around the nose area every day then.

This will screen out the harmful rays of the sun well.

Also be mindful of the plants in your garden, but Lily’s are fatal to cats.(1.)

Apart from that the cats should be fine outside for a few hours, make sure that you install a cat door so they can come back in the house when it gets too hot or if they get chased by some other animal.

It’s great for them to be outdoors for a while and they can scratch their claws on the trees and posts and hunt lizards in the undergrowth.

It is better that they don’t eat the lizards which contain an oil that makes them thinner.

However it is pretty hard to know what a cat is doing all the time and you have to leave them to their own devices for some part of the day at least.

Taking Your Siamese Cat Outside

If you have a garden you should take your cat outside for some play time every day, a young kitten can develop some motor skills chasing butterflies or climbing um trees.

At first it is better that you are there to supervise as he may get lost in his new garden or get himself into trouble even.

Also, make sure he is micro chipped and has a collar with his name and your phone number on it.

So, if he does get lost you can just be contacted to go and pick him up easily.

I really recommend doing this as soon as possible.

Once a cat is fully grown he can wander about 5 kilometres a day, and many places have strict rules about cats roaming at night and endangering wild life.

Although it is normal cat behavior to kill birds it is rather gruesome when it happens and it is best avoided, I think we can all agree.

Especially if your neighbors love birds and feeding them.

Being outside gives the cat easy access to these birds, so you may want to train him to walk on a leash which is quite easy with a Siamese cat.

Then you can take him for a walk to the shop or even to the park which is great if you live in an apartment.

In winter he may feel a bit cold outside, but you can get him a little cute cat coat and train him to it.

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Siamese Cats Holiday Care

Siamese cats prefer to be in their own homes so when you go away on holiday get a cat sitter to come to your house and spend some time with him and feed him.

It is preferable if they stay over for company.

If you take him to a cattery he will pine for home and will likely not eat and you will feel simply dreadful.

So, it is much better to have someone come to him while you are away from him.

I know, it sounds a bit “over the top”, but from first hand experience this is just the way these creatures are.

If you want your cat to be happy you should keep their needs in mind, as they rely on you.

Although they do adjust to other animals such as dogs or cats, it is much better with animals already known to them, as they are not good at forming friendships like dogs are.

Unless the cats are from the same litter there is a certain hierarchy that seems to prevent them from becoming friendly later in life.

Unless, they live in the same house and are forced into contact with one another daily they will probably fight.

These cats do often become a bit fixated on their owners and don’t like to separate, and this can become a problem when you go on holiday as they can become stressed and depressed.

Siamese cats are not at all relaxed during separation and can pace up and down anxiously before you even leave the house.

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Taking Care Of An Old Siamese Cat

Once your cat gets to around 12 years of age they will start to age quickly and a few things will inevitably change as a result.

See the vet and ask about diet, also get your cats teeth cleaned and scaled to prevent any decay.

You will probably find that the vet recommends a slightly different with some supplements maybe.

You will also find that your cat sleeps more and will be a lot less energetic than it used to be once.

However they will still be entertaining and enjoy being with you all the time.

They will also feel the cold more and may have some arthritic change.

If your house is not warm get them a “pet pad”, but this is an electric blanket for cats, very low voltage and it makes life a lot more comfortable for the aging cat.

The other thing you will need to do is clip their nails, as they won’t be scratching furniture and other things as much.

If the nails get too long they will catch in cloth and the carpet which you don’t want happening.

Older cats are more prone to flea infestations, so get a flea treatment or a flea collar for your cat, whatever works best.

Let us know what you think in the comments below, and now that you know more about taking care of a Siamese cat, you may also enjoy reading our complete guide on Siamese Cats here.

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