Do Cats Fart?:The Ultimate Question

do cats fart? why do cats fart?

Ah, flatulence. An interesting topic for sure, but many of us cat butlers wonder about the same thing and question…

Does our furry feline have the ability to pass gas as we humans do? Are they as stinky as their counterparts, our beloved dog friends?

Do these graceful and delicate felines even have the ability to produce such an ungodly thing?

Would they own it or would they simply pretend it never happened?

What Exactly is Flatulence?

Flatulence is when there is a buildup of gasses in the stomach or intestines that must be released, one way or another.

Flatulence can be caused by several different things. Eating too quickly or too much can cause air to be swallowed with food and it must go somewhere.

Intolerance to certain foods or food allergies can also be the stinky culprit. As we know certain foods can cause more flatulence than others.

Do Cats Fart?

Actually yes they really do, maybe not quite as often as humans or dogs do but yes they can indeed pass gas.

Have they been doing it the whole time with us just unaware that the event even occurred? Probably more than we think, as normal healthy cats wouldn’t have a powerful odor.

Farting is a normal part of a cat’s life just as it is in ours.

They aren’t normally quite as stinky as dogs can be though. Or maybe we just have been wrongly blaming the dog all along.

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Why Do Cats Fart?

Cats are a bit different from us so it only makes sense that the reasons for their flatulence would be slightly different from ours.

What causes cats to fart?

It is from a buildup of gases from the digestive system and it passes through the body. The gas buildup can be caused by several different things, also the smell is caused by many different factors in your cat’s life.


A simple diet change can be a cause of your cat suddenly having gas.

Cat stomachs are much more sensitive than ours are and they can easily become upset, this is why it is very important to correctly change their diets by transitioning to a new food slowly over seven to ten days.

Even taking these precautions your cat can still get gas.

It’s always good to make sure you are feeding your cat a good quality diet and not the cheap stuff.

The cheaper pet foods contain a lot of carbohydrates and fillers. Cats are carnivores and they need meat to survive and a lot of the fillers found in some cat food our kitties cannot digest properly.

When a cat food is high in fillers, those fillers get absorbed as well as the nutrients, and can cause your cat to fart as a result. There are many websites dedicated to specific cat breeds and the very best foods designed for them in particular.

There are debates among a lot of cat owners about diet.

Some cats are very picky while others will eat anything you put in front of them. Some people swear by one brand of cat food, while others say their cats won’t touch it.

Some people have cats that only eat wet food and others dry or a mixture of both.

Then there is also the raw food debate. Some say that with the raw food diet their cats are eating what they were meant to eat: meat. If you have any questions about feeding your cat a new diet, it is always best to consult your vet.


Dairy can also cause your cat to fart, most cats are allergic to milk and other dairy products so if you do decide he needs that saucer of milk, be aware of the pungent consequences.

With the lactose intolerance in cats, the symptoms can also be vomiting and diarrhea. These symptoms usually show up within 12 or so hours after eating or drinking the dairy products.

Which brings us to our next culprit of kitty farts: food allergies.

-Food Allergies

Some cats are allergic to other foods such as fish in the same manner so watch what you are feeding your kitty and always look at the ingredients carefully.

A lot of foods such as soybeans, peas, and beans are difficult for cats to digest which can cause him to have an upset stomach. If your cat has been diagnosed with a food allergy it’s always best to check the ingredients.

Even the smallest amount can wreak havoc on your cat’s stomach and the air around you!

Grain free foods are good to try if you find that your cat is having a hard time with different foods that you have already tried. Corn, soybeans and wheat are a lot of times behind a cats digestive issues because they are carnivores and cannot digest grains as we humans do.

They need meat.

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-High Fiber

Cats that have high fiber diets can have flatulence.

Cats with too high of a fiber diet can prevent nutrients from being absorbed correctly and it can cause diarrhea or constipation along with gas.

With this also, some cats will fart a lot if they don’t have enough fiber in their diets and when purchasing your cat’s food you should always do your research on your cats breed to determine the right fiber amount your kitty needs.

-Rotten or Spoiled Food

It is a good idea to have a secure lid on your trash can so your cat doesn’t get into the trash and eat any spoiled or rotten food.

Any raw food that has been out for longer than 30 minutes should be discarded in the secure trash bin to be safe.

If your cat eats spoiled or rotten food he can get food poisoning which can cause vomiting, diarrhea and you guessed it….flatulence.


If your cat is overly stressed it can cause him to have an upset stomach and it can make him flatulent.

Reasons for cat stress can include but are not limited to new pets, moving, construction or home remodeling, storms, or changes in their normal routines of any sort.

This can cause a number of things as well such as an upset stomach with vomiting and diarrhea, a loss of appetite, or a runny nose and/or eyes.


Intestinal parasites or worms, such as tapeworms or roundworms, can also be the cause of your cat’s gas and they are often accompanied by vomiting, diarrhea, lack of appetite, or a potbelly appearance.

Consult your vet at once if you believe your pet has any worms or parasites.


Gastrointestinal diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease or “exocrine pancreatic insufficiency” can be accompanied by vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, loss of appetite, or blood in the stool.

If you have any concerns about your little cat having these kinds of issues call your vet.

Can You Smell When Your Cat Farts?

This depends on the reason for your cat’s gas.

It can either be that you have no idea your cat is even doing it as you don’t hear or smell it at all.

It could also be a case of the silent but deadly clear the room kind of fart. This depends on what is causing your cat’s flatulence. Similar to the reason why they are doing it, down to why it smells or doesn’t smell can be many different answers.

It leaves us wondering did they do it on purpose as they are walking out of the room, tail high up and strutting as cats do.

After as many cats I have had over the years some of them I believe do fart on purpose on occasion but how can you prove it? For that answer, we may never know the truth.

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How Do You Get Your Cat To Stop Farting?

There are a few things you can try to help your cat not fart quite so much.

-Offer him smaller meals more often throughout the day. If your cat is one to meow until you feed him and scarf his food down quickly, try offering him smaller quantities, more often throughout the day. (1.)

-Stay away from milk and dairy products. Cats do not need milk they need fresh water at all times.

-Avoid cheap cat foods that contain fillers that can cause your cat to have gas along with other problems later in life.

-Change his food if this becomes a chronic issue and there is a chance that his diet is giving him gas. Remembering to slowly introduce any new foods over at least a week.

I find the best way to do this is by mixing about 20% new food and 80% old food(the food your cat was used to having) for the first few days and gradually working up to 100% while watching your cat carefully during this period for any upset stomach symptoms.

-Avoid human food. Cats are carnivores and your kitty shouldn’t be sharing sandwiches or cheeseburgers with you if he is into that!

Most cats are picky eaters and won’t touch most human foods but I have met a few ones that just want to try what their people are eating out of curiosity.

-Exercise. Make sure your cat is getting enough stimulation and exercise will help him stay in good health and help his digestive system work the way it should.

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