10 Awesome Reasons to Have a Cat: Why Cats Are Good Pets

why cats are good pets

Having a cat or two is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have and they are wonderful animals.

They are not too difficult to take care of, not being too clingy but not too needy either and they are known to be the favorite pet of those who are don’t have too much time or can’t be bothered too much.

1. They Catch Mice and Rodents

If you don’t jump around with excitement at the idea of having a couple of uninvited mice in your house, then a cat is definitely for you.

They tend to solve the mice problem at the root, before it can escalate into a real mess.

Cats are natural predators and expert hunters and they will make sure no mice or pesky rodents get to roam free in your home and territory. They should know better than to even risk entering your house once you have gotten yourself a swift and agile cat to deal with them and catch.

No mouse or rat is going to get into your bedroom or perimeters as the anti-mouse-machine will prevent that from ever happening.

Many cats also like to catch bugs, which is a huge plus as well if you are afraid of those or dislike them in your house.

Whiskers will come to the rescue.

why cats make good pets. reasons to have a cat. why having a cat is great.
why cats make good pets…

2. They Bathe Themselves

These are very clean and neat animals, almost obsessively grooming themselves at times as if they were some celebrity or a diva off the big screen.

They use their soft paws as a washcloth of sorts, and their rough tongue to clean their fur until it is soft and silky.

It is an impeccable technique, and cats are great at getting any dirt or debris off their fur so they always look flawless.

A cat’s tongue is perfect for this cleaning task, as it has tiny sort of spikes almost on it which works almost like a tiny fur brush against their coat when they lick themselves.

You will generally not have to bathe a cat like you would a dog, after it had rolled around in the mud for example as cats are much more cleanlier and will take care of their own fur.

They can reach almost every part of their body with their tongue to clean their fur, which is pretty cool.

Also read: how to bathe a cat.

3. They Are a Low-maintenance Pet

You will not have to bend around backwards to serve your cat.

Sure, they can act like prima donna’s most of the time, but they are a much lower maintenance pet than many others.

They know how to take care of themselves and entertain themselves, enjoying their own company and are very independent creatures.

This can be both a blessing or a curse, depending on how social and affectionate you want your cat to be. But it is easy to solve this problem as you can simply go for a cat breed such as the Maine Coon or Siamese which are known for being more friendly and social towards their owners.

black cat with kid drinking water on pavement. benefits of having a cat. cat benefits.
reasons to have a cat…

4. They Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Having a cat and petting one can reduce feelings of stress, anxiety and sadness dramatically.

It is good for your mental well being to have one of these cuddly animals and they feel very calming to pet.

They have been proved to reduce stress in humans in many different ways by simply being around us and showing affection. Our bodies produce stress relieving hormones when we pet and hold them, which is a unique benefit of having a cat in itself.

They are also not as stress inducing as many other animals are, like dogs for example who rush towards you barking and need to be walked many times a day.

Cats are much more calming to be around and have an eternal almost, gentle aura to them.

But petting a cat has a positive effect on our stress levels and calms us down nicely.

cat reading a book. cat owners more intelligent. cat owners are smarter. people who have cats are smarter.
look at that smart kitty reading about science…

5. People Who Have Cats Are Smart and Intelligent

There was a survey done in 2010 of British pet owners by the University of Bristol that is still a subject of discussion and even arguments.

It is this very study that the cats VS dogs crowd is constantly referring to and talking about despite it having been years since it was conducted.

The study showed that cat people, or cat owners were much more likely to have college degrees(1.) than the ones who had a dog and it is interesting when you think about it.

Now, just having a college degree or education alone does not necessarily mean that you are any smarter than other people, but it is something worth looking into and mentioning.

Another research in 2014(2.), on the other hand showed that the cat people were actually considered more intelligent as well and smarter than those who had dogs in that study.

Dog people don’t like to think about this and it makes them annoyed to think about in many cases.

But, don’t think that just getting yourself a cat or two is suddenly going to make you into some type of genius. It is more likely that this is related to the fact that cats are much more independent and less maintenance than dogs or other pets are.

Having a lower maintenance pet like a cat is perfect for intellectuals and those with higher than average intelligence.

Cats tend to be quiet companions, not being overly loud and they offer comforting silence in a way, when you are working on some difficult project or reading a book.

They are very neat animals that know how to take care of themselves and are not going to bark suddenly or distract you when you were just about to have a “eureka” moment.

When your heads are in the clouds constantly, like many brilliant people tend to be then a cat can be perfect for it does not need constant attention and care.

It will not distract your brilliant work in most cases….unless it decides that your laptop or a book is the perfect place to take a nap of course.

why having a cat is great. cats are good pets. cats for companionship. best reasons to have a cat.
more reasons to have a cat…

6. They Offer Support and Companionship

Cats may not be as affectionate visibly as many other animals tend to be, but they are still very warm and care deeply about their humans even if they may show it differently and subtly.

It is a common thing for cats to meow gently when you are feeling down almost as if they can sense when you are feeling sad or depressed.

Many times people mention how when they were crying some time, their cats came towards them and reached out. They would get in their lap to show silent support or just try to cheer you up with their presence alone and this silent companionship they have.

People tend to sleep much better with a cat around or by their side, and petting them and holding makes a rough day much more bearable and better.

Many studies have also shown that these agile animals remember kindness and will return it at a later time to the kind person.

It is almost impossible to say no to a cat, when they bat their big cute eyes slowly and it is almost as if they are aware of how cute and irresistible they are.

7. They Reveal a Lot About Your Personality

The pet you choose says a lot about who you are as a person and what you are really like.

There have practically been tons of books written about just how pets relate to our personality and what it all means.

It is not only speculated, but widely believed that dog people are more social and extroverted, having more energy and being more of a people person.

Cat people in comparison are said to be more introverted, calm and quiet. They are said to be more thoughtful and introspective as well.

cats help with sleep

8. They Help With Sleep

As mentioned earlier, these quirky pets can help you sleep much better.

It is simply so calming to nap knowing your cat is by your side and it is almost like their sleepy nature rubs onto you. Cats love sleeping and have a particular gift for the activity.

They always manage to look so peaceful and content when napping, which makes it wonderful to sleep beside them and it feels like you are not alone.

Many people, but women(3.) in particular tend to sleep better with cats and some even can’t fall asleep without having a soft feline by their side.

Most cats do in fact help us sleep better and to fall asleep to begin with and they can even soothe night terrors for many just by their presence alone. It makes sense, since you will feel more secure with someone sleeping beside you.

This is, unless the cat is a noisy one, but these are nocturnal animals which tend to stay awake at night. So, if your cat is keeping you awake at night instead of helping you sleep better it is time to put him in some other room to be in while you are sleeping.

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9. Having a Cat Is Good For The Earth

This is generally true, as long as your cat is not going around killing all the birds and wildlife since they are natural hunters.

But if your carbon footprint is something you often worry about, you should know that it is much better for the environment and planet to have a cat than a dog.

A study from 2009 showed that if you have a dog then it will use up a lot of resources and will eventually leave as big of an eco-footprint as a Land Cruiser. Woah.

They eat much more than cats do and cats lean more towards fish and foods that are better for the earth in the long run. They have a smaller carbon foot print than many other animals have.

This is only true though, if you make sure they are not killing birds left and right of course, but cats can be awful in that manner.

10. They Are Incredibly Cute!

This is not up for discussion, they are simply adorable and nobody can say anything to deny that.

These cute animals have big round eyes, small soft paws to cherish, and amazingly soft fluffy fur.

They make low purring noises which sound eerily similar to a baby’s crying and that makes us want to tend to them even more.

Some cat species are incredibly fluffy and have long haired coats which are even more fun to touch and pet even if the downside of that is how much they shed sometimes.

But, seeing an adorable cat strut down the street is going to make many say one word…. “awww”…..

This is for a good reason as these amazing pets have stolen our hearts and also conquered the entire internet with their cute and quirky ways alone.

Their adorable shenanigans will never cease to entertain and amuse us.

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