10 Fantastic Gifts For Cat Owners

We all have that one friend who seems almost fanatic about his or her cat.

It is not too strange, as these animals bring so much joy into our lives and they are great companions to have.

Here are the 10 best gifts for cat owners that any cat is going to love, and their human too!

1. Pet Grooming Glove For Cats

pet grooming glove. brush glove for cats. best pet grooming glove for cats.
this pet grooming glove is fantastic to use and saves so much time

If you have ever had a cat then you surely must know the dreadful feeling of seeing your bed or furniture covered in cat hairs.

For this exact reason it is important to regularly brush your cat, and even more so if it is a long haired cat breed.

Cats with long and luscious, thick fur look and feel amazing to pet but their fur does tend to get all over the place and brushing with a normal cat comb or a cat brush can feel like an annoying chore you must do.

But, this fun pet grooming glove takes away that chore in an instant, instead turning it into something enjoyable and fun to do.

Your cat loves being pet, so why not hit two flies at once and actually groom your cat simply by petting it gently.

This is the best brush glove for cats and it feels magical to use it almost.

It is like a life hack to have one to groom your pet with, and it is life changing.

There will be less hairs and fur all over the place and your little cat will enjoy it. Using one of these is a good idea if your cat hates being groomed or brushed, but does in fact love being cuddled and pet.

You can check out the price here.

2. Frisco Self Warming Bolster Round Cat Bed

This is a self warming cat bed!

Now, this may at first glance look like just an average common cat bed, but it has a hidden secret feature in plain sight.

It is self heating, which means that it is going to warm up your kitty naturally with it’s own body heat. Yes, that means NO pesky wires at all to deal with.

It does not need to be plugged in and uses no batteries or anything of the sort.

This is the Frisco Self Warming Bolster Round Cat Bed

This cat bed is machine washable, so keeping it clean is very easy and there is no hassle getting it clean when the time comes.

It is in neutral earthy colors that complement most homes and interiors, but is a soft nice place for any cat to cuddle in and catch their nap.

You can use it both as a nice cat bed on it’s own, or also as just a crate mat lying around. One that your cat might constantly be found sleeping in though.

It is a fantastic bed that cats tend to love but the main fun feature is how it keeps your cat warm effortlessly, but we all know that cats love sleeping in warm comfortable places.

You can check out the price here.

3. Thermo-Mod Dream Pod Heated Cat Bed

Now this is another heated cat bed because lets face it, cats love these two things: being warm and sleeping.

And sleeping in a warm cozy place is a dream come true for your cat. No cat deserves having to sleep in a cold place.

They should get all the warmth and coziness in the world in this heated cat pod.

It is a brilliant design which lets you zip the whole pod together to assemble it quickly and there is a big hole in the front so your kitty can enter with ease. And leave as it pleases.

It is a closed off type of pod, which is a safe and secure place for your cat to retreat into when it feels stressed.

It is incredibly important for these sensitive animals to have a secure space to retreat into as it makes them feel at ease and secure. Cats with anxiety love these as it feels closed off and secure for them.

It is the same reason why cats love boxes so much, but they are like a safe haven for them, nobody can sneak up on them when they are inside, which is why I recommend a pod like this for cats to feel safe inside.

It comes in two neutral colors, tan and a lovely green and is made of soft faux fleece materials.

It also comes with a heated pad that keeps the cat warm but you can put it inside which is fantastic for the colder months such as winter.

You can check out the price here.

4. Double Stack Kitty Sill, Cat Window Perch

Adorable cat window sill

A cat window sill?! Who has ever heard of such a thing.

Everybody recognizes the fun feeling of being walking down a street having a bland day, but then you see a cute cat in the window looking at you curiously.

It is fun to see cats in windows and it brightens up ones day wonderfully.

If your cat loves to lay around in the warm sun or sits by the window for yours then it is without a doubt going to love this cat window sill.

Cats love high places where they can feel secure and watch the world go by. (and look down on us)

They are the ultimate people watchers and this sturdy and steady window perch is great to sleep in and play in as well. This particular cat window perch has enough room for two cats, or two floors for your cat to jump around on.

It is important for cats to have many fun places and toys to keep them active and prevent them from gaining weight or becoming unhealthy.

Even if they are lazy animals, they need a lot of exercise in their daily life.

This cat window sill is very easy to install and is especially great if you have an indoors cat who can not go outside to climb trees.

The suction cups are an innovative new technology that keeps it very steady and safe for the cats and stuck to the window of your choice. Your cat, or your friends cat will love this.

It can hold even the…heaviest of cats up to over 100 pounds!

But, the best part is that you can easily fold the cat shelf up so that it won’t be in the way anymore. Then you can use the curtains or blinds as if you normally would so that will never be an issue.

For us who love our curtains and blinds this is a perfect and simple solution.

It has a removable cover which makes cleaning and washing it the cat window perch or shelf easy to do.

You can check out the price here.

5. Funny Cat Bread Costume

cat bread costume. bread cat costume. funny cat gifts. best gifts for cat owners.
which cat bread is this?

This one is a classic. If you love internet culture and want to give your friends something funny that will make them smile then this is it.

Cats sure do love bread, and this cat bread costume is going to make any kitty look hilariously fabulous.

You can turn your cat into a walking meowing meme in seconds, and the bread cat costume is easy to put on and take off with the simple hook-and-loop fasteners.

It is soft and super realistic just like real bread is.

It is soft and will not hurt the cat to wear, but you should definitely keep an eye on him while he is wearing it. Just try not to choke on laughter.

You can check out the price here.

6. Catnip Tea Bags

cute catnip tea bags…

Are you a tea person? Then this is the perfect thing for you, or your tea loving friend.

These look like quirky and colorful tea bags but are actually full of catnip which all cats love and cherish.

The catnip is perfectly safe and has absolutely no pesticides or harmful chemicals that might irritate a cat, just like catnip should be.

It is 100% organic and certified catnip for a cat to play around with and throw around while in game mode.

If your cat is getting too lazy to play, or is overweight and needs something to encourage him to play more or be active then this works great. Cats love catnip and it is safe for them, and it can even work to get old cats to play around again some.

When cats have catnip they get a quick boost of energy for a while, followed by a feeling of calmness.

You can check out the price here.

7. Peek-a-Boo Colorful Tri-Tunnel For Cats

gifts for cat owners

This fun and colorful tunnel for cats is not one, but three cat tunnels combined into one!

There is an open hole at the top in the middle of the tunnels where they all combine so a cat can sprint into it and jump out quickly at the top if anyone is chasing them.

Having one of these is incredibly fun if you have more than one cat as they can run around inside it and chase each other, and sneakily enter the tunnels at the top.

Cats love exploring new places and a cat tunnel will bring out that little curious kitten inside every cat again.

It is easy to fold the tunnel together in case you need to store it somewhere or put it away for the day and it takes up way less space that way.

Just be ready to pop it out again when the cats want to go tunnel exploring again, and it is a fun place for any kitty to sleep in or play inside.

You can check out the price here.

8. Electronic Concealed Motion Toy

gifts for cat owners. gifts for cat lovers.
It is a robot mouse basically

It is amazing what you can buy for your cat, and this brilliant robotic motion toy is something all cats love.

It is a fast moving object that moves unpredictably and kind of looks like a mouse, which cats love to hunt. The toy is half hidden and out of the cats sight and it will spin suddenly and unpredictably around the base of the toy itself so that the cat can try to catch it.

It is so much fun to watch and it entices the cat as it pokes at their hunting instincts perfectly.

It looks like a fleeing mouse almost as it spins around fast, and soon the cat will be spinning around trying to catch it excited.

This is a great exercise for cats that need to lose a few or need something fun to encourage them to play.

gifts for cat owners
best gifts for cat owners. spinning motion toy for cats. spinning cat toy mouse. toy mouse for cats.
among the best gifts for cat owners you can find…

There are different speed settings for you to choose from and also many versatile cat toys to attach to it. Some look more like small animals or have different features in other ways.

It has been tested greatly for safety and has proven to be also fit child safety standards so there is no need to worry.

It is nice to use if you are away and your cat needs something to keep himself busy so it won’t get bored or lonely by itself.

I love watching cats play with this, it is really amusing to see how excited they get.

You can check out the price here.

9. Go Pet Club 62-inches Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo

best gifts for cat owners. what to give a cat owner. gifts for cat people.
This amazing cat condo has a hammock

If you are looking for the best gifts for cat owners, and want your friend to be eternally grateful to you and love your at least ten times more… then this is the right gift.

It is an amazing cat condo, a playground, a scratching post, and a tree combined!

gifts for cat owners
gifts for cat owners

It has many fun scratching posts which are covered with natural sisal rope which will stop any cat from ruining other furniture with their sharp claws.

Among the many cool features this huge cat tree offers is a hanging rope to play around with, a fun ladder to walk up and down in, sleeping baskets and quite a few perches or sills for the kitty to sleep or sit in.

The cat condo has many levels and hiding places for timid scaredy-cats but will most of all keep any cat active and exercising.

Cats are territorial beings so for them to have something like this on their own, and for themselves matters a lot for them and their mental well being.

It is easy to assemble the whole thing, as there are simple instructions and the right tools that come with it.

I believe this is a must in every house where a cat resides, as it does not take up as much space as you would think and it is so worth it for the cats.

They love having a playground like this to unwind in and play in, but also to sleep in and relax.

You can check out the price here.

10. Super Active Feather Teaser Cat Toy

fun gifts for cat lovers

When choosing a fun cat toy it does not have to be overly complicated and there is no need to overthink these things.

This is a cheap option for a gift as it only costs a few dollars.

This fun feather toy on a string was designed for interactive play with cats and will get them active and playing within seconds.

It is not just any basic cat toy though, because this feather wand actually has high quality and safe catnip in it, to engage the cat better.

The bright colorful feathers, the crinkling sounds the toy makes, and the catnip in it will make the cat love and enjoy playing with this.

You can choose from three different wands or animals depending on whatever you prefer which adds to the aspect of it all.

You can check out the price here.

Did you enjoy reading our best gifts for cat owners guide? Let us know in the comments below!


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