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best cat carry bag

It is not a fun situation to find yourself in, you have to take your cat to the vet but are not sure about how to well…get it there.

The cat looks scared like a real scaredy cat, and does not look like it is in the mood to go anywhere with you, especially not for a checkup.

This is when a great cat carry bag will definitely come in handy and it is very important to have one for an occasion like this.

These bags come in many different shapes and sizes and can be used when either taking your cat on a plan, taking them on a long car trip, or simply just taking them to the vet for a check up.

Another fantastic thing you can use a cat carrier bag for is when you want to go hiking with your cat, or go for a good walk in nature with your best furry companion.

Taking your cat for a walk does not have to be difficult or complicated and they do not have to be long walks that take hours upon end either.

You can start with just a short walk to begin with, one that takes just a few minutes or half an hour maybe and it is very likely that your cat will come to appreciate or even love taking walks with you.

1. Sherpa Delta Airline-Approved Cat Carrier Bag, in Medium

When choosing the best carrier you need to imagine how your cat will feel being inside it, and it is of utmost importance that it will be a comfortable bag that the kitty will feel safe and secure inside.

It may have to be in there for hours upon a time so comfort is key.

This cat carrier lets you travel with your furry friend with easy and security without having to worry about them feeling discomfort or pain while in the bag.

You can use the carrier for any type of travel or a trip but it is specifically designed to meet airline requirements, which is very convenient!

It is approved for the vast majority of airlines, while some restrictions may apply.

But you can travel without worries or any delays on most American Airlines, Delta, United and Air Canada flights and many more with your sweet cat by your side.

There is a special “guaranteed on board” program for the above mentioned airlines which is also comforting to know about.

This carrier bag fits cats up to 16 pounds and has locking zippers, a side and a good top entry that is easy to use. There is also another side entry, padded straps and mesh panels so the cat will always be able to breathe easily and without having to struggle.

If a cat cannot breathe easily in a carrier it can quickly become dangerous, so this is always something you need to look carefully at when choosing a carrier for your cat!

They need to be able to breathe well at all times while in these, to live literally.

It looks very stylish and minimalistic, but with a sleek futuristic almost design that looks good on anyone who is carrying it.

picking the best cat carrier..

The carrying strap is well padded and adjustable with a non-slip shoulder pad which makes it more comfortable to carry when you are in a hurry or having to stand in a line for long.

You can take the bag to travel internationally, in a car adventure, or to the vet for the regular checkup.

There are mesh windows for ventilation and a spacious rear pocket to keep extra things in such as cat treats or napkins or anything you might need for your kitty.

The top and side entry both have locking zippers for safety and to prevent theft and such. Better safe than sorry after all.

This carrier for cats has a spring wire frame which lets the rear end of the bag get pushed down a few inches to conform better to under seat dimensions and fit better under seats. It is patented technology.

This particular cat carry bag is also made with a machine washable faux lambskin liner and materials that are designed especially for sensitive cats and it is completely non-allergenic.

You won’t have to worry about your cat sneezing it’s lungs out while traveling.

Main Pros:

  • Machine washable lining.
  • Non Allergenic materials.
  • Approved for most airlines and is part of an elite guaranteed on board program.
  • Good mesh windows for ventilation, a rear pocket to keep things in and store any extra items you might need for your cat while traveling between places.
  • The frame of the bag can be maneuvered to fit under seats better and squeeze into tighter places.
  • Looks stylish and has padded straps with a non slip shoulder pad which makes it more comfortable to wear to any place you desire.

You can check out the price here.

2. Pet Gear Signature Dog & Cat Car Seat & Carrier Bag, In Aqua Blue Color

This beautiful blue cat carry bag(and dog) is spacious and perfect in the backseat of a car. Not all of us like traveling by plane, after all.

While you may normally love to have your cat jump into your lap or rub against you purring, it is not such a good thing when you are under the wheel.

This bag will keep the distractions at a minimum and give you the peace of mind that you will need to drive safely, while keeping your cat safe and comfortable at the same time.

This cat carry bag is designed specifically with traveling with cats in a car in mind, and you can strap and attach the bag securely into the car seat. It attaches to the seat belts in the car to keep the bag still and secure.

It is brilliant and innovative since we won’t have to worry about our poor cat falling onto the floor while we are driving, and we can keep our eyes on the road confident that they will be all right in the back seat the entire trip.

The bag has secure handles that make grabbing and carrying it around, or moving it out of the car easy to do.

People often forget about the importance of having a good handle on things, but when you are trying to maneuver your pet out of a car after a long car trip, a good handle to grab is essential.

You can carry your pet around with you with one hand on the handle, instead of having to carry it around like some box in front of your chest with both hands.

There is a fleece cover in the cat carrier which you can remove easily and throw in the washing machine if it gets dirty.

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Main Pros:

  • Beautiful blue color that reminds one of the sea.
  • Zippered mesh windows in the front and the top which keeps the bag ventilated and aired out.
  • Has storage pockets in the back to keep things and cat treats in.
  • Is both a pet carrier and a seat carrier for cats.
  • Great for cats up to twenty pounds.

You can check out the price here.

3. Soft-Sided Sport Cat Carrier Bag, By JesPet, 16-inches

This is a bag that can be used both for cats or dogs as well if you have any.

This is one of the best cat carriers around because it is created with that in mind that it will hold it’s natural shape without collapsing onto the cat inside.

If a bag were to collapse or get squeezed together it would scare the pet inside immensely after all. It has a strong main frame with a nylon exterior that is lightweight, waterproof and can be cleaned easily.

There are good mesh openings to air out the carrier and it has a fleece mat for the cat to sleep on and relax on without worries while traveling. Cats should be able to travel in luxury as well.

The bag frame has tough EVA fabrics and there are three large and spacious pockets on the side of the carrier to keep things in securely.

It is always a good idea to keep things in these pockets such as cat treats or wet napkins that a cat might need during long trips. Cat toys as well.

Main Pros:

  • There is a strong frame made of sturdy nylon materials that are still very lightweight, waterproof and simple to keep clean.
  • Mesh openings and windows to keep air flow good.
  • There is a soft fleece mat on the bottom/inside of the cat carrier to keep the pet comfortable and secure. A luxurious mat even, dare I say.
  • There are three large pockets to keep food, treats or anything your cat might need during the travel.
  • It will not collapse on the cat and is meant to keep it’s shape nicely.
  • It looks cute like a small cat-house of sorts and has a pretty dark blue color. (or grey)

You can check out the price here.

4. Deluxe Travel Airline-Approved Cat Carrier Backpack, By KOPEKS

This cat carry bag is unique in the sense that it can be both a luggage sort of carrier, but can also be swiftly transformed into a backpack if you get tired of rolling it around.

We all know the dreadful feeling of trying to get rolling luggage across an uneven pavement, or a long uneven steps, but this clever 2-in-1 cat carrier solves that issue.

There is a sturdy telescoping handle to pull up, a padded shoulder strap and a handle for three different but very convenient ways to carry your cute cat around.

The carrier is made with oxford materials and has 3 ventilation mesh pockets or windows that air out the bag and let the cat see outside with ease.

It is important for cats who are being carried around to be able to see the outside world and where they are at, it will soothe them to be able to see what is going on and lets them feel a bit more in control of the situation they have found themselves in at the moment.

There are two wheels at the bottom and two big storage pockets on the luggage-like carrier. The bag is soft on the inside and the cat can see well from it through the window which keeps it comfortable throughout the journey and travel adventure.

Main Pros:

  • 3 ways to carry the cat around to choose from and there is a good handle, a shoulder strap, and a regular handle to hold with one hand and carry.
  • Has 3 ventilation mesh panels that air out the bag and let the cat see the outside world clearly and nicely from the inside of the bag.
  • Has two steady wheels at the bottom to slide around with.
  • Has 2 spacious and good pockets for storage and to keep treats or other items in during travel.
  • Is a very clever and versatile bag that can be turned into a backpack.
  • It will be more steady for your cat to be carried around with the wheels, as it will slide around without getting knocked around with every step possibly.

You can check out the price here.

5. The Best Cat Carrier Backpack, 17-inches, By JesPet

Here we have a backpack that is designed to comfortably carry pets in, either a dog or a cat, but it is perfect for cats as it is very soft on the inside and fits them well.

You can choose from two very neutral colors, either the deep blue on the picture or a grey color that also looks pleasing to the eye.

It is made to keep cats safe during travels and has enough space for small cats to actually stand up in the bag and turn around comfortable. That must be a huge comfort to have, nobody likes being cramped up in a tiny space for long without being able to move around and stretch your legs. (or paws)

There are roomy panels that let the insider look outside and these same panel windows give good ventilation and oxygen while the mesh door means easy access.

This is a backpack, which means there are very well padded handles and shoulder straps for the ultimate comfort. There are pockets on the sides for either cat food or toys that you might want to bring, or anything else really.

You could even keep your phone there if you were running short on a pocket as it would fit a phone nicely.

The backpack carrier is made of sturdy and lightweight polyester and this pack is the perfect choice for a casual walk with your cat or hiking with it.

There is nothing like exploring nature all by yourself, but still not alone for your cat companion will be right there beside you to share the experience and all that nature has to offer.

Many cats love going for walks with their “owners”, and other cats may feel skeptical and unsure at first when they are taken for walks, but will quickly get used to it and start to enjoy it soon enough.

Then, they will love taking walks and won’t be able to get enough of this freedom and fresh air that a cat carry bag has to offer.

It really is symbolic of freedom, being able to take your cat anywhere and anyplace without worries and hassle.

This bag is airline approved, but some restrictions can still apply to it.

Main Pros:

  • Has a big mesh door and windows for the cat to see out of and breathe easily.
  • Is airline approved and easy to travel with.
  • Is ideal for taking cats on walks or hiking in nature.
  • Has durable polyester that can withstand a lot of things.
  • Is big and roomy enough for small cats to stand up right and turn around in which is ideal for long travels, for comfort.
  • Is designed to keep the cat safe and comfortable.
  • Has a good strong handle and a padded shoulder strap for the ultimate comfort while wearing it.

You can check out the price here.


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