Why Do Cats Rub Against You?: Cat Rubbing Against Everything

why do cats rub against everything?

Cats, just like dogs, are human’s best friends.

They are small so they can be kept in apartments, not just big houses.

However, with deciding to add a new member comes learning a lot of new stuff that you have to be aware of in order to keep your pet healthy and happy.

Cats are rather quirky creatures, so they might have some odd behavior at times, such as rubbing against their owners at the most random times.

So why do cats rub against you?

Cats love rubbing against their owners’ legs, arms, and anything they possibly can.

When your cat rubs against you, it’s transferring its scent onto you — your cat is essentially claiming ownership over you.

Cats define their world through scents so marking you with their own makes you part of their family, their kin. It’s a very sweet action on your cat’s part and it’s also how it shows you affection and appreciation.

The cat species has scent glands that secrete pheromones all over their bodies, but especially on their cheeks, foreheads, and tails (which are spots they usually rub against you).

Marking you as theirs not only shows that your cat is close to you but it also indicates communication between you and your feline friend.

Scents are as important for cats in communicating as hissing, purring, and tail-wiggling are.

why do cats rub against you? why do cats rub against everything? cat rubbing against owner.
why do cats rub against you?

Is it a good thing when your cat rubs against you?

Since cats mark you as their own when they rub against you, it is a very good thing when your kitty does it.

It means that you are accepted and that they want you around.

It also shows that your cat trusts you as it is exposing itself and makes itself vulnerable — especially when it rubs against your face since its eyes and face are close to yours.

Do all cats rub against their owners?

Not all cats like to rub against their owners.

This, however, doesn’t mean that they don’t like you. Some cats simply prefer to lie around and relax than use up their energy to cuddle with you.

What’s more, some cats will roll over on their back and expose their bellies for you to rub. It’s another sign that they like and trust you as it is a very vulnerable position for them.

Furthermore, not all cats are affectionate — just like all people are different, so are cats. Some kitties like to spend more time alone whereas others want to sleep with you and go with you everywhere you go.

Nevertheless, it does not mean that one likes you more than the other.

Why do cats rub against you when you feed them?

Cats have a tendency to rub against you when you feed them since they want to get your undivided attention. It is their way of making sure that you do feed them.

They will usually walk around your legs and wiggle their tail while you prepare the food and almost all cats will do that to their owner.

Additionally, cats may rub against your legs when you prepare their food to say thank you.

They know you are the food provider and they want to show you gratitude the only way they know how.

In fact, it is a good sign when your cat rubs against you when you feed it — it might be a sign that something is wrong if your cat rubs against you but doesn’t eat the food.

Your kitty could also be asking for more food or snack if it rubs against you, especially if you’re in the kitchen.

Cats, just like any pet and humans too, enjoy eating and they love snacks so may be asking for something special.

cat rubbing against everything. cat rubbing against leg. why do cats rub against people. why do cats rub against things.
is your cat rubbing against everything in sight?

Why do cats bite me after they rub against me?

As we all know, cats can very moody.

As a result, after being groomed, petted, or cuddled for a long time, and after rubbing against you for affection, they may simply decide that it is enough.

And since they can’t tell you with words, they tell you with their little teeth.

Usually, cats nibble on you gently and it isn’t painful, but if it is, it’s important to let your cat know by telling him so that he knows when he crosses a line.

Another reason that your cat may bite you when he rubs against you is that he wants to get your attention. If your cat does that, it is his way of saying, “Hey, look at me.”

Your kitty may want some cuddles, food, or to play around. Remember: Cats can’t speak so they use different methods of communication.

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Do cats rub against other cats?

If you live in a multi-cat household, you have definitely seen two furry friends rubbing against each other.

Sometimes they will butt heads and other times they will touch each other’s tails, but all of these are their ways of saying “hello.”

They might do it in passing or on purpose when they see each other.

Similarly, cats rub against other kitties they live with to leave their scent on them.

That way if they bump into them later, they will be able to smell their own pheromones and know that the cat is friendly and not a threat.

On top of that, if you have an unsprayed female kitty, then she might be rubbing herself against a male cat to signal that she is ready to mate.

The same goes for male cats when they want to mate with a female, so cats use rubbing against each other as a mating ritual as well.

cat rubbing against everything. why do cats rub against furniture? why do cats rub against other cats?
why do cats rub against you?

Why do cats rub against furniture?

As opposed to rubbing against a person, if your cat rubs against the furniture, it’s marking its territory and space.

The same way that your cat covers you in their scent to signify that you are part of their tribe, it also does the same thing with the environment it is in.

This behavior can be most evident if you take in another cat. Your first cat might start to rub on furniture a lot more or even mark its territory by urinating on furniture.

Conversely, if you have just cuddled or petted your feline friend, he might still be in a euphoric state, purring, and he simply wants to rub against something just as he would rub against you.

It could also simply be because they have an itch that they want to scratch.

Essentially, there are many reasons that a cat mat rub against furniture, but marking the territory is the most common and logical one.

Why do cats rub against you in the morning?

If you wake up with your cat jumping on your bed and rubbing against your face, it is simply their way of saying good morning to you.

Contrary to popular belief, cats are quite affectionate and they like company.

Of course, each cat is individual, but it isn’t uncommon for cats to be very close to their owners and want to welcome you when you start your day.

Furthermore, some cats may rub against you when you come home from work or being out for a long time. It shows your feline friend has missed you and wants attention.

It also may want to smell you to get all the scents from the outside.

Why do cats rub against you after a shower?

There is a couple of reasons why your cat rubs against you after you take a shower. First, you come out smelling like a lot of unnatural scents.

All the soaps, shampoos, and conditioners are strange for your cat so it tries to get rid of it by rubbing against you. Essentially, your kitty wants you to go back to smelling the way you used to.

Another reason that your cat rubs after a shower is that you have washed off all of its pheromones.

Your feline companion wants to mark you as his again and make sure that you smell like him and the whole apartment.

In most cases, it comes down to territory for cats, especially older ones.

grey cat by computer. cat in computer compartment. cat and computer mouse.

Is there a difference between the spots your cat rubs against on you?

Generally, most cats rub against their owner’s legs since they are at that level and it is most often done in passing.

It shows that your cat is marking you and that he enjoys your company. Nevertheless, sometimes cats rub against other parts of our bodies.

If your kitty rubs against your cheek or face, it feels more intimate and it is often something that your cat does when he particularly likes you.

The most distinctive form of that is when your cat headbutts you. The fact that your cat gets so close to you shows not only that it likes you but also that it trusts you.

Cats also like to walk past you and wrap their tails around your legs, which is a greeting they enjoy using.

Again, it shows love and trust as they would not do it to someone they don’t know or like.


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