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An infestation of fleas can harm not just the coat of your cat but also its health in general.

Despite grooming your cat on a disciplined schedule, your furry kid can easily suffer from an infestation of fleas and it is always a very possible threat to keep an eye out for.

The problem with fleas is that they multiply at an astounding rate. Before you know it, the infestation can cover the entire coat of your cat and their fur can be full of horrible fleas before you now it.

As a result, once you notice fleas on your cat’s coat, it is crucial to get rid of them as soon as possible, and not to let them linger for too long.

Today, we will share with you cat fleas treatments to get rid of them quickly and the best tips and tricks when it comes to dealing with fleas on cats.

How To Get Rid Of Cat Fleas?

When you look for cat fleas treatments, you will come across numerous options and many different paths to choose from.

The problem is that not all these treatments are effective enough. However, the list below consist of only the best cat fleas treatments which really work, and have proven themselves to be very effective against pesky bugs.

6 Cat Fleas Treatments:

The list below consists of not just natural treatments but over the counter ones as well. You can certainly try out these treatments to get rid of fleas in your cats with great results.

1. Use flea spray:

You can easily get flea sprays over the counter.

The best thing about flea sprays is that they are easy to apply and use. A single layer of flea spray can keep fleas at bay for up to 3 months.

Not only that, if your cat is currently suffering from an infestation of fleas, this spray can get rid of those fleas as well. It can work as a preventative treatment and also an instant one.

However, you need to look at the ingredients of this spray and its application method and after that, buy one. That will help you choose an option that is safe for your cat.

Keep a look out for any dangerous or possibly harmful ingredients and make sure you get a reputable brand and a product intended for cats.

2. Try a flea shampoo:

Do not want to apply anything extra to your cat?

If so, replace the current cat shampoo with the flea shampoo. That will ensure that when you’re bathing your cat, you only have to apply that shampoo.

The procedure to use the shampoo is simple and anybody can figure out how to use one. Wait for a few minutes after application and putting it on just like a regular shampoo, and then wash it off.

These shampoos have flea eliminating properties as well as antibacterial properties. The shampoos can not only get rid of the fleas but also help you maintain your cat’s hygiene, and keep him looking sharp and flawless.

Since you do not have to apply any additional product, using this treatment to get rid of fleas does not require any additional time on your part.

It is as easy as it gets, which is why so many people opt for this route on how to get rid of fleas on cats.

I recommend using this flea shampoo right here, but it works for even the most sensitive cats.

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3. Cedar chips:

Fleas are scared of the smell of cedar chips. Why not use this piece of information to get rid of fleas from your cat?

All you need to do is to place cedar chips around the bed of your cat. You can do so in the areas where your cat spends most of his/her time.

The alternative to chips is the cedar oil spray.

You can apply that directly to the fur of your cat and it’s coat. You have to ensure that the oil is non-toxic of course and read the ingredients and instructions very carefully, always beforehand.

Doing so ensures that fleas will not come in the vicinity of your cat and your cat will not be harmed in some way by accident.

. The smell of cedar chips or the cedar oil will undoubtedly scare away the fleas. It is one of the easiest ways to get rid of fleas in cats.

4. Make use of apple cedar vinegar:

Another home remedy is to use apple cedar vinegar.

You might be wondering how can that help?

Fleas are scared of apple cedar vinegar. If you apply it to the fur of your cat, they will surely jump out.

However, instead of direct application, you have to dilute it in the ratio 2:1. For every 2 parts of apple cider vinegar, you have to add one part of water.

You can apply this mixture to the fur coat of your cat. Fleas hate apple cider vinegar so much that only a couple of such applications can help you eliminate fleas.

If you are not sure how to mix this together, go and find someone to help you with it and knows what to do.

However, you need to give the same treatment to the bed of the cat, toys, and other items of the cat. That will ensure that the fleas do not re-infect your cat.

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5. Use foggers:

Foggers are an indirect way to get rid of fleas in cats. You have to keep the foggers in the room where the cat is.

The fogger will release chemicals slowly, which will kill fleas. You do not have to keep the fogger in direct contact with your cat.

However, foggers are a double-edged sword. Many of them contain harmful chemicals so you have to be very careful with picking one.

You have to carefully choose the foggers to ensure that the contents of the foggers are not harmful to your cat or yourself as well.

Look for those intended for cats specifically.

You have to use, and should prefer the foggers which have:

• Natural ingredients

• Require minimum time exposure to the cat itself

• Do not require consistent use

When you choose foggers based on these 3 criteria, it is easy for you to choose one which is not only effective but completely safe for your cat as well.

6. Flea collars:

We have kept the best treatment for the last.

Flea collars are the most popular cat flea treatment which you can opt for. These often consist of a safe type of gas or a substance which they emit consistently and slowly.

This substance kills the fleas, which are present in the collar area and this works quite well as a result.

Modern flea collars go a step further.

The substance dissolves in the special fats and oil of the cat’s skin and in them.

Consequently, if fleas are present on any other body part or the skin, those would get killed as well.

In a nutshell, flea collars will kill the current fleas and prevent any future infestation as well. That certainly helps your cat remain flea free.

Instead of experimenting with cat flea treatment, it is good to go with these tried and tested treatments. Not only are they effective but also easy to implement.

You can get an excellent flea collar here. It works effectively against any flees and repels them as well.

Now that you are aware of these treatments, let us look at some useful information that will help you detect the flea infestation and how to get rid of it quickly.

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these are the best ways how to get rid of cat fleas…

Why cats get fleas?

Let us now understand why cats often suffer from fleas.

Simply put, fleas are parasites. They need a host to survive. They often suck blood from their host. In cats, they not only get an easy host but also one which has a thick coat of fur to offer them as well.

The fur shields them from the weather outside as well as from their predators. This is the reason why fleas prefer cats.

As for infestation, cats often go out in the grass, plants, near carpets, upholstery, and other unkempt areas. These are breeding ground for fleas.

These 2 are the main reasons why cats often get fleas.

How to know when your cat has fleas?

There are a few symptoms that indicate a flea infestation. Once you detect the fleas, you can start with the treatments above. The symptoms include:

1. Excessive scratching:

Fleas can make the skin itchy. Consequently, your cats will frequently scratch their fur coat.

2. Excessive shedding:

As mentioned above, fleas also suck blood from their host. This reduces the nourishment to the fur coat and makes it look more dull and lifeless as a result. Consequently, shedding increases.

3. Staying away from certain parts of your home:

You might be thinking, how is this a symptom?

Fleas often flourish in unkempt areas of your home, or upholstery, or carpets. If your cat avoids these areas, it is a sign that the cat is aware of a flea infestation in that area.

Most likely, the cat is also suffering from an infestation as a result of visiting these areas.

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4. Inflamed skin:

You have to inspect the skin of the cat and the fur coat. If it is inflamed or excessively red, it once again indicates a flea infestation.

5. Lethargy:

A flea infestation also results in excessive loss of energy for your cat. Your cat will become lethargic and look tired. That is also due to muscle loss due to flea infestation.

If you notice any of these 5 symptoms in your cat, your cat is likely suffering from fleas.

In that case, you have to inspect the fur coat more closely to confirm your doubts. After that, it will become easier for you to start with the treatments above.

After starting the treatment, of course, you would want to know how long it would take for complete eradication of fleas.

We will answer this question below.

cat flea treatments. home remedies for cat fleas.
how to get rid of cat fleas…

When do these treatments show results?

The time period varies from one flea treatment to another. The flea collar can show its effect in only a week. On the other hand, cedar chips or apple cider vinegar can show the effect in 3 to 4 days.

A lot also depends on the severity of the infestation. If the infestation has spread throughout the fur coat, it will take longer. In that case, you might have to contact your vet as well for immediate relief.

Generally speaking, within a fortnight, the effects are visible, and you can eliminate fleas from your cat’s fur coat without having to worry too much.

Instead of ignoring the flea problem in your cats, it is a good idea to use one of the cat fleas treatments above.

Our guide above will not only help you pick the right treatment but also how to get rid of fleas in cats as quickly as possible.

Not only that, once you go through the guide above, you will have all the information needed to detect as well as eliminate fleas in cats.


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