The Best Top Entry Cat Litter Box

top entry cat litter box

There are many fun and unique litter boxes to choose from and they can all serve a difference purpose.

Some types of litter boxes have quirky designs that make them open at the top instead of on the front, or the box being just open like we are so often used to seeing.

These are called top entry litter boxes and they may seem strange or peculiar at first, but they actually serve a greater purpose and many cats love using them.

Is a top entry litter box better?

These actually have many good qualities and things working with them as their unique design makes it very hard to get sand outside of the litter box for example.

Many cats prefer using them, or other types of boxes, but it really does depend on each individual cat and their preferences.

These litter boxes have a little opening for the cat to enter from the top, so it can climb or playfully jump into the litter box.

The main purpose of these boxes is to prevent litter from exiting the box, and the cat accidentally dragging sand out of it though, with it’s sandy paws or pure clumsiness.

Many cats often drag extra sand around when they exit their litter box on their paws, but the design of a top entry cat litter box kind of makes the cat “need to” first tap the extra litter off the paws before jumping out of the box. This keeps your floor much, much cleaner in the long run.


  • They give cats more privacy.
  • They keep the cat from getting litter all over the place, the top opening makes it almost impossible for your cat to drag litter outside the box or getting the floor covered.
  • Having such an enclosed litter box reduces the smell dramatically, and these litter boxes tend to smell much better than open ones.

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1. Top Entry Cat Litter Box, Gray, Large 23-in, By Frisco

This is a nice looking box that lets your cat jump into it swiftly and hide from view. Cats do love hiding places, and this one is no different.

It is a good feature that it looks like a secret hiding place for your cat as it will feel way more safe and enjoy the privacy it offers.

These can be fickle creatures after all.

The open entry on the top prevents cat litter from getting dragged from the box and it helps in keeping the litter where it belongs. Inside the box, and not outside of it.

It has nice grey and white neutral colors that feel aesthetically pleasing and gentle to the eye and looks nice overall.

The lid on the box serves two purposes, it is textured to help trap and keep any litter that gets spilled inside the box when the cat jumps out of the litter box, and also keeps everything hidden away with the extra privacy factor.

Your cat can enter the litter box easily through the top hole, but when you need to clean the litter box it is easy to lift the entire lid off to do some scooping.

Since it is more enclosed than most litter boxes would be, it prevents any unwanted guests or parasites from entering the box. This is a very good thing.

Main Pros:

  • It gives your cat more privacy and is a closed calm area for them to “hide” in safely and away from any noise or distractions.
  • The enclosed litter box design makes sure the litter does not go all over the floor or leave the box. It keeps everything in place and where it should be. This is excellent for cats that drag sand all over and like to dig a lot in the litter or sand with their paws.
  • If you lift up the lid on the box, the cat litter will slide back into the box again, if any got to the top of it.
  • It is easy to clean the box as you can casually lift the whole lid off and clean the sand with a litter scoop.
  • Has BPA-free, sturdy, and recyclable materials.
  • The litter box is large enough for the kitty to stand and turn around inside if it wants to. Cats like to have some space when they do their thing.
  • The entry on the top makes sure dogs will stay out of the box, while the kitty can jump inside easily, being more nimble.
  • The lid of the box is non-slippery for cats and designed with just that in mind, the cat will not have any troubles walking into the box or being on top of it where the entrance is.

You can check out the price here.

2. IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box

The Best Top Entry Cat Litter Box

This is a brilliantly designed box, and really could be the best top entry cat litter box out there.

It is designed to be large and spacious for the kitty to be able to move around freely and without restrictions inside the box itself.

It is easy to lift up the lid and scoop up waste when it needs to be cleaned but the opening at the top keeps litter from spilling out of the cat toilet.

It gives the cat true privacy and one of the coolest features is the special mat built into the top of the lid itself. This mat cleans the cats paws when it comes and leaves, and basically is like having an outdoor mat to clean your feet on before entering somewhere.

It is a nice add on, that serves it’s purpose well and works even better to prevent litter from spilling onto the floor from the box. The litter should stay inside the box where it belongs.

There are anti-slip rubber pads under the litter box itself which prevents it from sliding around on the floor or moving out of place.

This comes in handy for when a cat jumps onto the box, it will not slide around and will stay completely still in place instead as it should.

There is a litter scoop that comes with this box!

Yes, a free scoop that hangs on a little hook on the box which makes it easy to reach and store. If you are one of those forgetful folks that keeps replacing items or losing them, this won’t be an issue with the litter scoop as it will always be ready at the same place.

It comes in many different colors to choose from as well which is always a fun option to have.

Main Pros:

  • A free litter scoop comes with the box and it can be hung on the box itself so you won’t lose it or forget about it.
  • Many different cute colors to choose from. Also different size options.
  • The design of this top entry cat litter box will expertly keep litter inside the box and hinder it from spilling outside of it, or getting dragged out.
  • The top of the lid where the entrance is has a nice mat to clean the cat’s paws of any litter or sand.
  • Anti-slip material on both the top of the box, and under it to keep it from sliding around on the floor.
  • Gives the cat a nice safe place to do it’s business in peace away from noise or such things.

You can check out the price here.

3. Top Entry Litter Pan, By Petmate

This top entry litter box makes sure no sand or nasty litter will get to the floor at all. It will stay clean and sparkling, devoid of any unwanted cat litter.

There is a large good entry for the cat and the litter box itself is spacious and big enough for your beloved cat to turn around without struggling in the box.

There is a textured non-slip lid that cleans the cats paws a bit and will offer extra protection against litter that is trying to escape. It won’t make it through the boxes defenses and no litter will leave this box for sure.

The kitty litter that gets on top of the lid of the box can slip back into it because there are small holes that aren’t too big, but just big enough for the sand to slide back into the box.

This means that the sand will not gather up on the lid and it will go back into the box by itself and without having to be constantly pushed back in. It is a clever design element to have.

It is easy to lift the litter box since it has good steady handles on the bottom, even when it is full to the brim and has sand in it. I don’t recommend trying to lift it with a cat inside though…

But it is a great litter box for any cat, and they do enjoy the extra privacy these boxes give them. They love how they are hidden places for them to go into and “hide” from the world comfortably.

There is a nice hook to hang litter scoops on, so you won’t lose the one you hang onto it. There is not a free one with this box though, like the one mentioned above.

It is crafted in the United States from recyclable plastic which makes it an environmentally friendly box for your little cat.

Main Pros:

  • Environmentally friendly litter box for cats.
  • This litter box is very easy to move around since it has sturdy handles at the bottom that are easy to grab onto and hold.
  • Produced in the United states from recyclable plastic.
  • It has a good large entrance that all felines can fit into with ease. The cat can also turn around inside the box since it is so spacious and big for it.
  • The lid keeps litter from escaping the box and has little holes that any extra kitty litter can fall back through into the box once more. A mat on the top also cleans the cats paws nicely.
  • Pretty design and colors, rather minimalistic but lovely to look at.

You can check out the price here.

4. Top-Entry Litter Box, By Clevercat

This is a good standard top opening litter box that gives all cats that much coveted and needed privacy they want in a litter tray.

It does a good job of keeping any sand or litter inside the box but it is not likely for you to discover any sand outside of the box with this.

Most litter boxes that are designed in this unique manner will do a good job of preventing spills thanks to how they are set up in the first place.

I don’t recommend getting this box if your cat is very old, very big or disabled but it might be difficult for it to get inside the box or to jump into it. But this box does a great job of keeping any unwanted dogs out as well.

It works well if you have more than one cat as well.

Main Pros:

  • Simple and classic design that does a good job of preventing litter spills.
  • The top entry has a good design which makes it easy for the cat to get in.
  • The box eliminates odor to some degree, or rather keeps it from leaving the box.
  • Cats generally are quick to learn how to use the litter box and they appreciate the gesture of getting a new fun bathroom to use.
  • Keeps litter in, and dogs outside.
  • Is good if you have more than one cat.

You can check out the price here.

5. ScoopFree Top-Entry Ultra Automatic Cat Litter Box

best top entry cat litter box. automatic cat litter box. self cleaning litter box. self cleaning cat tray.
best top entry cat litter box

This here is a automatic cleaning litter box which means it will be much easier to deal with cat waste and a dirty litter box.

It is still top opening, but has the added benefit of the extra automatic cleaning features.

It is a clever design and the box does all the work for you so you do not need to lift a finger to clean it like you normally would. This is a perfect solution if you can’t stand having to scoop dirty kitty litter for waste or despise having to clean it.

There are litter crystals that absorb the liquid waste and dehydrate the cat poo to eliminate any bad smells.

But, then the brilliant part comes…

There is an automatic rake inside the box that slides through the sand to push the waste away and out of sight!

This box can keep itself clean for weeks at a time without needing to be scooped or leaned which is amazing really to think about.

The cat will not have to deal with the waste either and will always be able to enjoy a clean bathroom.

When the time to reload the box comes, you put the lid on a disposable tray to be thrown away and discarded.

It may sound complicated at first, but it really isn’t when you get the hang of it.

The crystal kitty litter is 99 percent track-free which means it will not go onto the floor where you will be walking around. The lid also has small holes designed to catch any litter that might escape to be extra sure.

There is a special health counter in this litter box which means you can track how often the cat uses the box and keep a closer eye on your kitty’s health.

If you want to feel like you live in the future, then this is definitely the best box for you.

It is innovative and sleek, and probably the best top entry cat litter box on the market.

Main Pros:

  • It is a automatic self cleaning litter box that saves energy and time.
  • There is crystal cat litter that absorbs both fluids and solid waste making it easier to deal with.
  • There is an automatic rake that clears away the mess your cat made without any human labor.
  • You don’t have to directly deal with the cat waste as the robot rake will do it for you.
  • Innovative and futuristic design.
  • The health counter can tell you how many times your cat uses or has used the box.
  • Final cleanup is easy and there is no hassle involved.
  • Pretty blue colors.

You can check out the price here.


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