Best Cat Brush For Shedding

best cat brush for shedding

Grooming your cat is an important task.

If you don’t do it right or regularly then you might discover your new sofa or bed covered in fur or cat hair which is not a fun thing to experience.

Cats need to be brushed regularly and especially so if they have long luscious fur.

Grooming their fur with a good brush doesn’t have to be a boring or bad experience and if you have the best cat brush it can even become a fun moment with your cat, or just like playtime for it.

It is best to start grooming and brushing your cat when they are young, so that they will get used to it and will realize it is not a big deal and is something to be expected.

A good brush is supposed to gently brush the shed fur away without irritating the cat, and needs to be made of high quality materials, let’s look at some of the best ones you can get.

1. Safari Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush for Cats

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best cat brush for shedding…

This is a classic, simple brush that grooms your cat well and gets rid of all the loose hairs when you gently stroke it over the cat’s coat.

It comes in a nice green color with a comfort grip handle that is designed to make it especially easy to hold and do the brushing.

This brush it unique in the way that it is a cat comb with retractable pins, meaning that they can go down completely when there is hair on the brush which makes it incredibly easy to clean the hairs off it.

If you have long hair and have ever had the misfortune of having to clean your hairbrush after a long day, you will know the dreadful feeling of having to pick between the pins to try to get the hairs off, one by one.

It is very uncomfortable to do and is time consuming as well, the pins on a hairbrush can be sharp and even hurt your fingers when you are trying to clean the hairs off.

Now imagine having to do that with a comb that has steel pins…

But, it isn’t an issue since this cat comb has retractable pins and you never have to worry about cleaning the hairs off manually.

This is really the best cat brush for shedding because of his feature alone, it is so easy to clean it after you have used it.

Now, the steel pins on the comb are stainless and gentle enough for your cat and will not hurt it when you brush through it’s fur.

This is another huge thing to consider when choosing a cat brush since you never, ever want to accidentally harm your little kitty when brushing it’s fur.

You need to use gentle and light motions when brushing your cat, so that you don’t accidentally scratch it, no matter what brush you use. But, the brush itself is an important thing to consider for this reason alone.

The pin design makes it easy to grab any loose fur and hairs away in one swift brushing motion and the cat can get groomed without feeling agitated or annoyed.

To retract the pins and pull the loose fur off the brush, you only need to push a button on the brush.

It is easy to do and cleaning the brush when the pins are down is a game changer.

If you have ever used regular grooming brushes you will really notice the difference of having retractable pins, but it makes life so much easier.

After pulling the hairs off the brush when the pins are down, the button can be repositioned and the brush will look as new. No hairs at all, none.

Main Pros:

  • Retractable pins which make cleaning and grabbing the shed fur off very easy.
  • Comfort grip handle designed for the ultimate comfort.
  • Pretty green color.
  • Gentle grooming that is good on the cat’s skin and fur.
  • Minimal effort needed to get loose fur off, just a swift brush stroke is needed.
  • Grooming your cat’s fur keeps your house much cleaner and hair free.
  • Designed to last for long.

You can check out the price here.

2. Li’l Pals Coated Tips Cat Slicker Brush

Despite it being fun to have an option of choosing retractable pin cat combs, some of us may just want a more simple option instead.

It has a green and blue color and is a classic good cat brush that works well with grooming any cat’s fur.

The key benefits are the pins themselves, but they are flexible and “bend” to the shape of the cat when you are grooming and brushing it. This makes the brushing more effective, easier, and also prevents agitation or irritation against the animals skin.

The brush massages the cat’s skin and stimulates the oil production of it, which makes for a healthier fur coat in the long run.

It slides over the fur easily and gets rid of the loose fur in simple strokes and in seconds. There is no need to tug or roughly pull against the fur itself because it detangles naturally and easily with the brush.

It smooths the fur when you brush it and it feels more comfortable for the cat, but it is important that your little buddy will like the grooming as well.

The brush pins are made of flexible wires, but they have gentle plastic tips on top, which makes it feel more enjoyable against the skin.

This has two functions, the lower flexible wires will move to the shape of the cat and make brushing more effective, while the plastic massages the fur and skin nicely.

It is a simple looking, but a good cat comb that does it’s job well and brushes shed fur away with ease.

Sometimes, plain things work best and they do not have to look overly complicated or extravagant to do a great job after all.

Main Pros:

  • Using the cat comb massages the skin of your cat, and encourages the production of healthy skin oils which is great for it’s fur.
  • There are plastic tips on top of the pins/wires which make the brush safer/more comfortable, and more effective.
  • The cat brush is 4.9 inches in length and has a comfortable handle which makes it easy to hold and work with.
  • Is designed to detangle the fur and quickly pull away any shed fur to get rid of it.
  • Contours to the cat’s body for better brushing, and easier too.

You can check out the price here.

3. Cat Grooming Gloves, Grooming Gloves For Cats

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grooming gloves for cats

These cat grooming gloves are simply brilliant.

It is basically a grooming brush for cats, but in the shape of gloves so you can just gently pet your cat with the gloves to get rid of any loose fur.

This works great for those cats that don’t like being brushed or are even afraid of it. Most cats like being pet by their “owner” after all, and now grooming your cat can become a fun activity for both of you.

It makes the job of grooming your cat much easier as you can slide on one or both gloves and just call your cat over to pet it for a few moments.

Then the gloves will be covered in the loose fur, but the pins are wide plastic so it is very easy to get the hairs off again, and throw it in the trash.

Easy, peasy.

They are made out of flexible mesh material and rubber tips that are designed to detangle the fur and clean it at the same time.

It lifts away any loose fur and dirt with every stroke and is gentle enough not to irritate or harm your kitty.

You can wash the gloves in your sink if you want to, or wash it basically any way you can dream of as rinsing them will get them clean again. Then they can be towel dried or left out in the sun as well to dry.

It is much more fun to pet your cat, instead of having to just “groom” it with a regular grooming brush. It takes the “chore” feeling of brushing your cat, and turns it into something more fun and unique.

It is a win-win situation for both you and your cat.

Main Pros:

  • It is a fun glove design which is easy to put on, just like normal gloves would be.
  • These grooming gloves for cats are a fit for all types of fur, long or short.
  • Soft mesh materials and rubber tips are gentle on the cats skin, detangle the fur easily, and groom it nicely at the same time.
  • Has an adjustable strap which makes the gloves fit better.
  • One size for all.
  • You will get 2 gloves, for each hand when you order which is nice. If one were to get lost you have another one ready.
  • Grooms and brushes just like a normal grooming brush for cats would do, but has the fun element added to it. They are gloves to pet with!

You can check out the price here.

4. JW Pet Gripsoft Cat Slicker Brush

This grooming brush is slick and very good if your cat has more sensitive skin or delicate fur.

It is designed with utmost care and made to optimize comfort and offers a gentle but powerful grooming experience for cats.

The head of the brush is round shaped and it is a lovely black and yellow color which may remind one of bees in summer.

There are angled pins on the grooming brush which makes it excellent to use for every day, but it is often recommended to try to brush your cat daily.

Also, if a cat is shedding a lot or has longer fur then it is especially important.

It is a precise brush with a non-slip handle that feels nice and comfortable to hold in one hand. The angled pins help with detangling and work better for sensitive skin and won’t irritate it at all.

When you brush your cat it helps to prevent them from getting hairballs, as they will not be eating as much loose fur.

Cats do groom and clean themselves almost perfectly with their tongue which has almost tiny little bristles on it, and a cat’s tongue is excellent for getting off any dirt or debris which has gotten stuck in the fur.

But, the downside to their tongue being so efficient at catching loose fur is that they will end up ingesting some of the hairs after licking themselves.

This is where brushing cats comes in and why it is so helpful to brush your cat’s fur regularly. They will end up getting less hairballs, and your floor will be cleaner and not covered in shed fur.

It is a good brush that is especially comfortable to hold and work with, but it is gentle enough for daily use as well. Definitely recommend.

Main Pros:

  • Is great for sensitive skin on cats and offers gentle but still good grooming and brushing.
  • Reduces hairballs in the cat as brushing their fur helps with those.
  • Works well for all cats and breeds, no matter how long or short their fur is.
  • The handle has a great non-slip grip on it which makes it easy and comfortable to hold while brushing the cat.
  • De-tangles fur as you slide over it and has angled pins that help with that.
  • Is non-irritating and can be used daily.

You can check out the price here.

Which one do you like the most? Let us know in the comments below!


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