The Green Cat Of Bulgaria, Cat Spray Painted Green!

green cat of bulgaria

Most cats are simply adorable and have the unique ability to turn heads with their cute antics and behavior no matter where they are at.

But, even if you are not a fan of cats or don’t care about them, how would you feel if you saw…..a green cat?

Now THAT would surely grab anyone’s attention at once, but this is just what happened in Bulgaria not so long ago, and there was a vibrant green cat seen strolling down the streets there.

Do Green Cats Exist?

Apparently yes…but not quite like you would imagine them to be.

green cat of Varna. Green cat in Bulgaria. Cat spray painted green. cat sleeping on green paint.
The green cat of Bulgaria….

Does this green little fellow remind you of the Cheshire Cat?

This may look like a photoshopped picture at first glance and it can be hard to believe it is a real cat, but it actually is very real.

This bright green cat was first spotted in the city of Varna in Bulgaria, and he immediately got heaps of attention due to his remarkable fur color and peculiar appearance.

green-cat-varna-bulgaria-6. green cat in bulgaria. cat spray painted green. cat green color.
you can see his real fur color a bit on his back…

Word quickly got out that there was a green colored cat in the area, and it quickly became an internet sensation and the cat got it’s share of fame.

People, understandably had mixed reactions upon discovering such a strange feline and many people got worried that the stray cat had been dyed by mean spirited humans as a cruel prank.

Thankfully, that has been disproven now and the real reason for the bright hue and color has been finally explained.

The stray cat liked to sleep in a construction yard on top of some green paint.

This was discovered and it does seem like it was merely just an accident and a wacky coincidence that she got colored this way.

photo credit: bored panda

Finding out it was just an accident that the stray kitty was colored this way was a huge relief.

Many had been relentlessly trying to find those who had so cruelly “dyed” him, but it was actually just the cat himself who was being clumsy and sleeping on some green paint.

The residents had even tried to form a facebook group to find those who “painted” him, but to no avail.

It is good to see that people care so much though, because no animal should have to be spray painted just for the amusement of humans, even if this turned out not to be the case this time.

green-cat-varna-bulgaria-11. green cat of varna. green cat bulgaria.

The green cat showed no signs of the color wearing off and only seemed to be turning even greener, the locals reported. This made some theories come to life that he was indeed being spray painted.

But, it turned out that his regular sleeping spot was just gradually turning him more vibrant and coloring him more over time, the entire fur even.

Cats do love to nap in the most unusual of places, and this only proves that point even further.

The green cat of Varna is not looking as bright these days though, since some concerned people gave him a bath finally and got the color off mostly.

Cats may generally not like baths, but in this case it may have been good for him.

Even if it is a remarkable sight, and the cat looks gorgeous in that shade, it is not it’s natural fur color and it was a good thing to give him a bath.

Fame does come with a price, after all.

photo credit: bored panda

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