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It is always a fun experience to see a cat in a window sitting on a cute window sill.

These nifty animals love to watch the world go by from a safe place, and especially high places where they can look down on the world from above.

Cats that are not allowed to go outside and indoor cats can benefit especially from getting a fun window perch to either nap in, or just relax in and watch the outside world go by as the day passes.

It can satisfy their curiosity about the outside world and what goes on there as some cats can’t go outside on their own.

So, watching the world from a safe place in a window is the second best thing.

1. K&H, EZ Mount Deluxe Bolster Cat Window Perch : K&H PET PRODUCTS EZ Mount Kitty Sill Deluxe with Bolster  Chocolate (12" x 23") - No Window Sill Required Window Perch Cat Bed (9090)  : Pet Supplies
best cat window perch…

A good window perch for cats is supposed to do quite a few things.

It is supposed to give the cat a secure safe place to relax in, to nap in preferably, and to jump up to preferably.

When the window perch is steady and stable enough for the cat to jump securely up to, it acts as a nice energy outlet and is good for fitness in general.

Cats need a lot of exercise and should be encouraged to stay active and fit, especially if they are indoor cats.

This cat window perch is excellent because it has a soft surface especially meant for sleeping on top of, and there are very comfortable bolsters added to it that make it perfect to rub up against.

Cats do love to rub up against the most peculiar things, but especially against those places and furniture they like the most and feel comfortable around.

The perch is hammock-style which makes it adorable to look at, but the soft cover can be removed and washed in the machine easily.

It features a clever design which makes it easy to flip it up, and save space or make way for any drapes.

If you have a large cat breed, or an overweight little furry friend then it does not pose as a problem since the cat perch can hold cats heavier than 50 pounds in weight.

Also, did I say it was machine washable?

Main Pros:

  • Serves a good place for any cat to either nap in or relax.
  • Is good for indoor cats to watch the outside world go by.
  • Is easy to clean and is machine-washable.
  • removable cover.
  • Can be put up and lifted to move it out of the way and save space. Or, to make way for the drapes.
  • Supports heavier cats.
  • No tools are needed to put the sill up and it is easy and simple to do so.
  • Is a cute hammock design that cats like.

You can check out the price here.

2. Thermo-Kitty Sill Cat Widow Perch, In a Tan Color : K&H Pet Products Kitty Sill Cat Window Hammock Perch (Heated  or Unheated) Heated Fleece 14 X 24 Inches : Pet Supplies

If you are looking for something fancy looking, then this may be the right window sill for your cat as it looks very aesthetically pleasing and beautiful.

It is not only beautiful to look at though, but is especially soft and fuzzy which cats love. This is a perfect sleeping place seeing how it is so soft in particular.

There is an oval design and incredibly soft orthopedic foam has been placed inside the materials on the perch to make it even softer to the touch.

The best thing about it though, and the main feature is that it has a heater and will warm up your cat wonderfully so that they will never get cold on it.

Cats are drawn to warm sleeping places, which is why we so often see cats lying in direct sunlight to catch a warm nap.

Since it is so warm, this perch may just turn into your cat’s favorite sleeping place as it is both warm and soft, the ultimate combination for a good rest.

There are no tools needed to put the perch up by the window and it is easy to set up. No hassle which is nice.

The soft surface warms up to around 12 to 15 degrees above ambient air temperature when a cat is sleeping on it.

If you are worried about it not being steady enough, you can use the free screws that come with the package to make it more secure.

You don’t really have to worry about it falling down, but if you are a paranoid person and afraid of your cat falling down while on it then this is a fantastic idea.

Main Pros:

  • Heated surface which is good for winter and the colder months. Cats are drawn to warm surfaces to sleep on, so it is a good warm place to nap in.
  • It is very soft and padded to make it as comfortable for the feline as possible.
  • Comes with screws so you can make it more secure if you are anxious about those things.
  • It warms to a cat’s body temperature.
  • Is a good pace for “people watching”, as the cat can stay on the perch and watch the outside world go by.
  • Very fancy looking design and it looks beautiful.
  • Steady enough for very heavy cats. It can hold up to 40 pounds and the screws make it even more secure.
  • A 6 watt heater comes in the package to keep the cat bed warm and cozy, always.
  • There is a removable cover that can be washed in the laundry machine, so it is very easy to clean it.
  • Is designed to compliment the room’s decor.

You can check out the price here.

3. K&H, Pet Products EZ Mount Penthouse Cat Window Perch

K&H PET PRODUCTS EZ Mount Penthouse Cat Window Perch, Tan -

Do you want your cat only to have the very best things? How about it’s very own penthouse?

This cat window perch has a built in “penthouse”, or a shelter from the sun that the cat can retreat into and feel more secure.

It is a clever design as it is a shelter and a window sill in the same product.

2-in-1 basically.

There are no tools needed to set this up and it can be attached to virtually any window within seconds for your cat to enjoy. There are strong suction cups for reassured security and you can be confident that it won’t fall down any time soon.

The little cute penthouse has lots of mesh windows and regular windows that you can look through and watch through while you relax inside.

It is a good sleeping spot since the enclosure will make any cat feel very safe and it is good for anxious cats for this very reason.

If you put this sill up in the right window, you can let your cat watch the main door of the house, meaning that you will have a nice friendly face looking towards you when you are arriving home from work after a long day.

Some types of cats such as Siamese cats can get a lot of separation anxiety, and this cat window perch is great for them.

This is because of the enclosed nature of the sill, so it feels more like a shelter, and also because they can stay safe in the enclosure and watch out for when you will arrive home again.

It can give a sense of safety for your cat, and it is also so much fun to see them in the window when you are arriving home again.

Main Pros:

  • Has a nice enclosure and a “penthouse” for the cat to retreat into and relax inside. Cats need safe spaces like this to tune out from the noisy world and re-charge.
  • Good soft place to take a nap inside and truly relax.
  • Mesh windows to look out through and watch the outside world.
  • You can place it by the front window of your house, so they can keep an eye out for you and greet you when you arrive home again from errands.
  • Easy to set up and feels very strong and secure.
  • The design has a built-in ledge for cats to jump off and onto.
  • Microfleece materials make it super soft and nice to the touch.
  • Suction cup mounting system that is easy to set up and assemble.
  • It can prevent cats from a sunburn, since it is a shelter that lets the cat look out from through the windows, while simultaneously protecting them from the harsh sun. Great for hairless cats as they are especially vulnerable to sun burns.
  • Removable microfleece pad is easy to clean and wash.

You can check out the price here.

4. EZ Mount Window Scratcher Kitty Sill Cradle

best cat window sill. window sill for cats. window perch for cats.
cool cat window sill…

This is a curved cat window sill that gives the convenience of a comfortable design and feel.

There is a strong suction cup mounting system that means it is very secure and won’t fall down suddenly when the cat is on it.

It is one of the most important things to look out for when you are looking for a window sill for your cat, but you never want to take the risk of your little cat accidentally falling down while on it.

So, it being secure and as strong as possible is a complete must, and very important.

It is easy to attach this to any window and there is a cardboard surface on it that a cat can claw and scratch at!

So, it can work as a scratching post as well so your kitty will get to enjoy a nice manicure as it relaxes on the perch.

This specific window perch actually comes with a free bag of catnip, and you can use it to introduce your cat to the new window sill.

Most cats love catnip, and it is fun to sprinkle some on places they like to sleep in or relax. Sprinkle some on their new window sill and see how they react.

Main Pros:

  • Comes with a free bag of catnip.
  • Has a scratching post like surface that a cat can claw at.
  • A bed, a scratching post, and a window sill in one.
  • Gives any kitty a nice place to people watch in, and look out the window.
  • Curved perch design which makes it more comfortable to sleep in and nap.
  • Easy to attach to any window and has strong suction cups.
  • Cool design.

You can check out the price here.

Which one do you like the most for your cat? Let us know in the comments below!


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