How Many Teeth Do Cats Have?: Cat Teeth Guide

how many teeth do cats have?

Just like us humans, cats also have two sets of teeth.

When they are young kittens they have 26 deciduous teeth, or primary, baby, or milk teeth.

When cats are fully grown adults they have 30 permanent teeth.

Types Of Adult Teeth In Cats

Tooth TypeNumber of
upper teeth
Number of
lower teeth
how many teeth do cats have…

Do Cats Have Baby Teeth?

When cats are newborn they are without teeth and you won’t be able to spot any teeth in their mouths.

It is when they are around 3 weeks of age when their first baby teeth will slowly start to pop up and make an appearance one by one.

These baby teeth will have finished making their presence known at around 6-8 weeks of age and then they will be visible fully and have finished erupting from the gums.

Dental care and dental health for cats is incredibly important as it will affect the cat’s overall health in general and they need to have a full set of healthy sharp teeth.

Teething in cats will unfortunately cause them discomfort and some pain just like it does in human children that are going through this phase.

Tooth typeNumber of
upper teeth
Number of
lower teeth
how many teeth do cats have?
how many teeth do cats have? when do cats get their permanent teeth? how many bottom teeth do cats have?

When Do Cats Get Their Permanent Teeth?

This whole process does happen rather fast in cats and they do tend to mature on the speedier side.

It is a good idea to start brushing a little kittens teeth just before teething begins and they start to feel the effects and pain of it.

But, when the baby teeth are falling out it is recommended that you stop brushing for a little while to let the permanent teeth come up in peace. Do not brush during this time and give some time off.

You can call your local vet or schedule an appointment to talk to them in case you are not sure how to take care of a kittens teeth or if you have any questions about the whole process.

It is always a good idea to talk to them if you are not sure or in doubt, they are there to help after all.

Kittens begin to get their adult teeth at around 10 weeks to 6 months of age, and by the time they are 6 or 7 months old, all their adult teeth (30) will be present.

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Do Cats Lose Teeth?

It is not expected of cats to lose their teeth as they grow older, contrary to what happens to us humans.

Adult cats are supposed to keep all their teeth, but they can lose their teeth due to bad dental health or diseases, but it is not considered a normal thing for a cat to loose their adult teeth.

The vast majority of cats might lose one or two teeth throughout their lives, and this is most often caused by tooth resorption or periodontal disease in cats.

They will not go through a stage of loosing all their teeth when they grow old though. Their teeth are meant to stay there where they belong, even as they age.

Cats will go through two sets of teeth through their lives, adult and kitten teeth.

The only time when it is considered normal for a cat to loose teeth, is when it is a young kitten that is losing it’s baby teeth. Adult cats should not lose their teeth when they are fully grown or even old.

When Do Cats Lose Their Baby Teeth?

The teeth that kittens have are often called primary teeth, milk teeth, or deciduous teeth as well.

All cats are born without any noticeable or visible teeth in their mouths but their teeth will become visible at around three weeks after birth.

But when do cats lose their baby teeth?, you may ask…

Their baby teeth will start to fall out by the time they are around 12 weeks to 3 months of age, and it depends on each kitten how long this process will take.

By the time kittens are 6 months old, their baby teeth should have fallen out by that time.

A kittens teeth can be incredibly sharp and pointy, but you should be careful around them even if they will not try to hurt you on purpose.

A kitten developing it’s very own set of teeth is a huge part of it growing and developing into a fully grown and independent cat.

The teeth that erupt will start to irritate the mother when it is nursing, and as a result the kitten will start to get weaned off faster and stop drinking the mothers milk eventually.

The baby teeth are still very fragile and weak compared to the teeth they will get later on, their adult teeth.

The baby teeth are not as solid in color as the adult teeth would be, but they will look more translucent to the eye because they have lower density and are weaker in general.

Most kittens that are teething will want to chew on various items and things that are lying around and this is completely normal and nothing to worry about. Don’t let them chew on something dangerous or harmful though.

Kittens that are growing their teeth out will also have a very noticeable and unique “bad breath” or an odor from their mouth, but that is also completely normal as well.

It should not be overwhelmingly bad though, but still noticeable.

Your kitten is going to be slightly irritated during this time, and it is to be expected.

Remember to show patience and care when it comes to your little kitten at all times and especially during this delicate process in their lives.

how many bottom teeth do cats have?

How many bottom teeth do cats have?

Cats have 14 bottom teeth.

They have 4 different types of bottom teeth, and these are:

  • Molars = 2
  • Premolars = 4
  • Canines = 2
  • Incisors = 6

So, cats have many different types of teeth just like we humans have, and they all help the cat eat food among having many other useful functions as well.

Their teeth are very important to them, and you should regularly go see the vet to check on them and make sure everything is as it should be.

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