6 Cat Breeds That Act Like Dogs

cats that act like dogs

Even if you are solely a cat person and are devoted to cats, having one that acts like a dog could be a fun experience.

Are there really cat breeds that act like dogs? Yes there are!

These five types of cats are known for their unique fun personality traits, that even go so far as to resemble those a dog would have. It is amazing to see and experience with your own eyes.

What Makes a Cat Dog-like?

To begin with, what exactly is it that makes a cat resemble a dog, personality wise?

Think about what separates these two animals, cats and dogs…

Cats in general tend to be more calm, more independent, low maintenance and affectionate. Affectionate in their own way that is, but cats are known for not showing their affection in the same fashion as dogs do, but cats are more subtle about it.

Dogs are known for being more “loud” and less calm that cats are. Dogs can resemble little bolts of energy as they bark loudly and run around wagging their tails playfully with an aura of joy surrounding them.

Many people say that dogs are more for extroverted people, and that cats are better suited for introverts.

Here are some keywords that describe each:


  • quiet
  • calm
  • silent affection
  • low maintenance
  • independent
  • introverted
  • gentle
  • sleepy


  • energetic
  • loud
  • more clingy
  • high maintenance
  • more visibly affectionate
  • need to be walked
  • fetch and play more games
  • extroverted
  • more obedient

Now, lets look at the cat breeds that act like dogs…

cat breeds that act like dogs…

1. Abyssinian Cat Breed

Did you know that cats who act like dogs are often called puppy cats?

Yes, it is true. They are called that because their behavior is more stereotypical of a dog than it is of a typical house cat. But it only makes them more interesting if you ask me.

What makes the Abyssinian cat breed unique on it’s own is the fact that they do not fear water.

In fact, Abyssinian cats love water and are drawn to it.

Being afraid of water is one of those known “cat-like” behaviors, so when a cat breed likes water it does remind us of how a dog would act.

Not all cats fear water though, like this particular cat breed shows us.

These cats are known for being exceptionally loyal and active, and they love to play games such as fetch.

They tend to have favorite toys to play with and need a lot of attention and care since they are very social creatures. They love being around their “owners” and are affectionate and caring as well.

People who have these cats mention how they like to follow them around the house at times, being so loyal and caring.

These cats like to follow their humans around, and can be leash trained as well which makes them wonderful animals to go on a walk in nature with.

2. The Manx Cat Breed

These friendly and caring cats are known for having many dog-like behaviors and qualities to them.

They are well known for having “no tails” or very short ones which makes them easy to distinguish and recognize.

Just like dogs are, they are incredibly playful and social which makes them preferable for those who like dogs in general.

They are brilliant cats, and their intelligence lets them enjoy solving puzzles and various games.

These are not puzzles like a Rubik’s cube though, but interactive cat toys and puzzle feeders instead. These types of cats need a lot of mental stimulation and they should have a lot of good toys to play around with so that they don’t get bored.

You can in many cases train a Manx cat to follow simple orders and they will most likely come to you when you call their name. At least after you have trained them to do so, which is very possible to do.

They also do like to follow their humans around the home because they get so attached to them.

Also read: How to train a cat.

3. The Ragdoll

These cats like to “play dead” when you try to hold them at times, which kind of explains their unique name.

These cats are gentle and calm creatures that are friendly towards almost in the family.

They love to be in people’s lap and take a nap there especially, that is how affectionate they are.

They love cuddles and being held, “melting” in your arms sometimes from pure happy feelings and bliss which is adorable to see.

These cats are very active and like to spend time with their human companions, following them around and running towards you when you return home from work after a long day.

Ragdoll cat’s are among the most common types of cats that act like dogs, and are amazing animals all around.

4. Bombay Cats

Bombay cats are known for being pitch black like the night and they hold a certain mysterious aura to them.

These cats can be leash trained just like dogs can be, and they get along nicely with dogs as well.

They are caring and affectionate cats that crave attention and love. If you decide to get yourself a Bombay cat, be prepared to shower it with positive attention and enough playtime.

These dark animals are mischievous, playful, interactive and just plain fun to be around!

These are not cats that shy away from strangers, as they are curious and social which makes them often want to say hello instead.

cats that act like dogs. cat breeds that act like dogs.

5. Siamese Cats

If you are looking for a low maintenance cat, then this is not it.

Siamese cats are very easy to train (for cats), and they can be taught to do many different tricks and to play fetch as well.

They get very attached to their owners and should not be left too long alone as they can become depressed and lonely.

Siamese cats are known to be incredibly playful and fun to be around, entertaining almost as they like to be the center of attention it seems.

They get along well with humans and other cats as well, being social and friendly beings.

6. Sphynx Cats

Known for being “hairless” and without fur, these cats truly are unique and magnificent animals.

They are very affectionate, caring, and loyal cats that quickly grow attached to their owners and form friendships for life.

They love to follow you around the house and must be held and cherished enough.

The need special care, being without noticeable fur on their bodies, which means they can get cold if you aren’t careful to keep them warm enough.

These loyal and colorful cats are known to wag their tails just like dogs do.

They do need special care and attention indeed, and are not cats for those who are short on time, but they are undoubtedly so worth the extra effort. They truly are fantastic cats to have, and everyone who has a Sphynx cat knows this already.


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