why do cats stare at you
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Why Do Cats Stare At You?: Staring In Cats

Have you ever been casually reading a book, or watching some TV when you suddenly notice your cat just staring blankly at you? You aren’t…

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can cats eat apples
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Can Cats Eat Apples?: Cats And Apples

It is a question many people wonder: can cats eat apples? Apples are known for being healthy and good for us humans, and there is…

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do cats think humans are their mothers?
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Do Cats Think Humans Are Their Mothers?

It’s a question that’s been asked ever since the first cat came into our homes and settled on our laps. We feed them, love them,…

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How to prepare for a cat
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How To Prepare For A Cat

Getting a new cat is a huge responsibility and it takes a lot of preparing beforehand. You should have a few things ready for the…

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how to adopt a cat
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How To Adopt A Cat: Cat Adoption Guide

Deciding to adopt a cat or any animal is a big deal and you want to make sure that you are prepared. It’s important to…

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