How To Prepare For A Cat

How to prepare for a cat

Getting a new cat is a huge responsibility and it takes a lot of preparing beforehand. You should have a few things ready for the new arrival before bringing a new cat into your home, to make sure it will feel as comfortable as possible.

There is no need to worry though, because many of the things a new cat needs are already waiting in your home, and you do not always have to spend a fortune when getting a new pet.

You can simply use blankets and things you already have at home, instead of spending an unnecessary amount of money when there is no need for it.

But here are some basic things you will need:

Cat Carrier

Getting a good cat carrier should be one of the first things to get when preparing for a new cat.

You will need a way to carry the new arrival as you bring him or her home. It needs to be safe and comfortable, so the cat will not feel anxious or scared while inside it.

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Thankfully, there are many good cat carriers to choose from, and they all have their strengths and weaknesses each.

The most important thing to look out for is one where the cat will be safe inside and fit well into it, you do not want your little friend to be squeezed around inside.

It is a good idea to go through a few reviews online before picking one, as this will give you an idea of how good the product actually is.

It is also a good idea to add a soft towel or a blanket into it, to make it even more comfortable and secure.

how to prepare for a cat.
how to prepare for a cat…

Cat Bedding

Cats love to sleep, that is a well known fact.

If you don’t want your new furry friend to sleep with you in your own bed, or on the sofa in your living room, you should provide them with a good bed and a safe place to sleep in.

There are many fantastic cat beds to choose from, from soft and luxurious, to enclosed and secure ones. It all depends on what you think your cat will like and prefer the most.

You can use a good soft blanket as a bed, as long as it feels nice and is in a safe place for the cat to rest in. A safe and quiet place is very important for cats, sleep wise.

Also, many cats feel secure around the scent of their owner, so placing an old jacket or a sweater as a part of their bed can be a great idea.

Doing this will help the new cat get more accustomed to your own smell and presence. Just make sure it is soft and comfortable to lie on top of.

Cat Food

When you are getting your new cat, it is a good idea to ask the breeder which food the cat likes and already eats.

Then, you can get the very same food for your cat, to make it feel more at home and at ease.

Doing this ensures the cat will already be used to the food, and it will make it much easier to adapt to the new home and the new surroundings.

They will have something familiar and safe, the food they already like with them.

Make sure the cat food is high quality and intended for them, having enough nutrients for their daily needs.

You must also make sure your cat has enough water to drink at all times, giving them a good bowl of clean water to drink from. I recommend using a cat fountain instead though, but cats like drinking from a running source of water much more than from a regular bowl of water on the floor.

Do not give your cat milk, as most cats are lactose intolerant. Give it normal water instead.

If you have a dog or other pets, make sure to feed them separately so they won’t steal the new cat’s food. Dogs sometimes tend to do this, so make sure it won’t become a problem.

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how to adopt a cat

Litter Bin

All cats need a litter box, unless you want them to do their deeds on your clean floor, that is.

There are many different types of litter boxes to choose from, such as open or enclosed ones.

You can also get a top entry litter box, but those give your cat more privacy and prevent cat litter from getting onto the floor.

Try to choose the very best one for your new cat, and make sure there is enough space and room for the kitty to do their “work” comfortably inside it.

Cat Toys

You do not want your cat to become bored or inactive. This is especially true if you spend a lot of time away at work, or only have one cat.

Games and toys will stimulate the kitty both mentally and physically, and allow you two to bond better as well.

Playing around and staying active will keep your cat healthy and prevent it from becoming unfit and overweight, but we all want our little friends to stay as healthy and happy as possible.

Getting a small ball is always a good idea, as these animals love to chase them around for hours.

Another great cat toy is a simple stick with a feather hanging on the end, but cats love to chase it and try to “catch” it as well.

Clean Up Your House

When getting a new cat, it is not a good idea to keep your house overflowing with junk and stuff strewn all over the floor.

The new cat will see it like a huge playground!

So, before actually getting the new small animal into your home, make sure to close off any small areas and spaces that they could get stuck or trapped inside.

You don’t want them getting stuck behind your refrigerator or washing machine for example.

Keep any rooms you don’t want your cat inside closed or locked even, and remember that these mischievous little creatures love to play with toilet paper, tearing it into pieces on occasion.

Make sure to keep any harmful products such as detergents or antifreeze out of their reach, so that it cannot hurt them.

Trips to the vet and emergency room are very expensive and not fun at all to experience.

What You Will Need:

So, here are the basic things to get for your new cat:

  • A food bowl
  • A bowl of clean water/water fountain for cats
  • High quality cat food (and water)
  • A safe, warm bed in a comfortable safe place
  • A litter box, that is kept away from the food and water
  • A good scratching post for your cat
  • A cat comb/brush
  • Fun toys to play with
  • A good cat carrier to carry your cat home in

Remember to pick only the best things for your cat, and choose wisely. If you have more than one cat, it is a good idea to get more than one litterboxes for them as well.

Make It Feel At Home

There are many ways how to prepare for a cat, and the home should feel welcoming as well.

It can feel like a challenge to keep felines away from furniture, if that is what you want.

But, one thing that helps is to give your cat it’s very own bed to hang out in, and relax in. Even if you don’t mind your cat being on the furniture, it is always a good idea to invest in a good bed for your cat.

They do spend most their life sleeping, after all.

If you really want to keep your cat off the furniture for some reason, the best way to accomplish this is to keep a bed for them in every room, or some comfortable place to nap in. They are going to nap and sleep basically everywhere.

Place the beds and sleeping places in a place where your cat will feel comfortable in, such as in high places or somewhere warm.

Also, get food, water, and containers for the new cat.

You will need to have containers for the food and water. I recommend using stainless steel, ceramic, or glass, as these materials are the easiest ones to clean.

Ask around at the shelter if you are getting your cat from there, what sort of food or toys the cat likes, as it will make the whole process much easier. It really is a good idea to start with the same food your cat used to eat before coming to your home.

Some kitties do not like bowls that are too narrow or too deep, especially if they pinch their whiskers together uncomfortably. Try to get a relatively small and shallow food bowl first.

If you know what type of kitty litter the cat used before, it can help tremendously to use the same brand and litter in their new box as well.

Some cats are very specific and picky about their litter type, so it may take some experimenting to figure out what your cat likes the best.

Food And Water

It is not recommended to keep their litter box in the same room as their food and water.

The vast majority of these animals do not like to eat at the same place they go to the bathroom.

At the very least, place the food and water bowl at the opposite side of the room. It will make your cat feel much better, if you do this.

You also need to consider your new pets entertainment and scratching needs.

Fun and interactive toys will help to entertain the cat, and it can help prevent damages to furniture and other items in your house as well.

A good scratching post is definitely a must, since your cat will need it to sharpen it’s claws. Otherwise, he might scratch your furniture.

The best scratching posts are rather long and durable. It should be at least long enough to allow your cat to stretch on, to it’s full length, and also allow it to sharpen it’s claws nicely.


If your new cat has not been vaccinated yet, you will need to go to the vet so he can get it done.

The cat vaccination period:

Generally, 2 vaccinations are needed for three to four weeks. Cats also need a booster shot to maintain high immunity in their body.

Talk To A Vet

Registering with a vet is incredibly important for your new cat’s health and well being.

It can be difficult to choose the right service, as there are quite a few to choose from.

Here are some tips on choosing the best vet for your pet:

Make Sure It Is Registered

You will want to make sure the vet is registered and trust worthy, before actually going to them. You can find a full list of registered and qualified veterinarians on the RCVS website, if you are not sure where to look.

Get Cat Insurance

Getting pet insurance for the new family member is very important. It is designed to protect you from any unexpected costs regarding your cat, and will keep it safer as a result.

This insurance can help you pay off future veterinary bills for example, and those can get very costly.

Remember to review the insurance guidelines carefully to make sure they fit your needs.

In addition to veterinary costs, many guidelines also cover:

  • Death from illness or injury
  • Treatment of behavior issues by a professional organization or a vet
  • Loss and stealing of your cat

Final Thoughts

Getting a cat is a huge responsibility, both financially and emotionally.

Even if you got your new cat for free or as a gift, it does not change the fact that it will cost you some money to keep.

Things such as groceries, toys, vet bills, and cat litter will add up over time, but it is what comes with owning a pet.

It is a good idea to put some money aside just in case some unexpected expenses show up. Pet insurance plans are a great way to save on medical bills though.

But when it comes down to it all, getting a new cat may become one of the best decisions of your life.

It is perfectly normal to feel a bit anxious before bringing it home for the first time, but the key is to be well prepared beforehand.


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