Can Cats Eat Apples?: Cats And Apples

can cats eat apples

It is a question many people wonder: can cats eat apples?

Apples are known for being healthy and good for us humans, and there is a saying that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but is the same thing true for cats though?

Lets find out right now…

Are Apples Good For Cats?

There are many foods that may be good for us, but can be harmful or even toxic to these animals. But, there are also many human foods that cats can eat safely and without worries.

These delicious red fruits do have a lot of healthy minerals and vitamins in them, as well as having vitamin A, E, C, B1, B2, and B6 as well.

They also have copper and manganese in them, which means they are an incredibly healthy snack….for you and me that is.

But what about for cats?

The thing about cats is, that they have very different nutritional needs than us humans.

They are carnivores, naturally, and should not need fruits and vegetables like we are used to having.

They need a high quality diet rich in meat and good protein, not fruits.

They should not have too much sugar, and apples happen to be relatively high in natural sugar, and this can cause an upset stomach overtime for them unfortunately.

Cats should as a general rule not have apples, and especially not a lot of them.

They do not fit a cat’s nutritional needs and diet, and have too much sugar in them than is healthy for these animals.

Cats will not be drawn to apples, and they tend to not like them.

These colorful fruits may be sweet and tasty for us, but don’t forget that cats cannot taste sweetness, as they lack the taste receptors for it.

One more thing to remember about apples, is that their seeds have cyanide in small amounts inside them.

If a human eats enough apple seeds it can be deadly for them, and the same applies to cats, but in much smaller amounts.

So, the seeds inside apples can be very dangerous for felines, and they should never ingest any, not even one apple seed.

It just may be too much for them, as it has cyanide within…

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can cats eat apples? apples and cats. are apples toxic to cats, can cats eat applesauce?
can cats eat apples?

Are Apples Toxic To Cats?

Even if it is not recommended to give your cat an apple, it is not toxic for them in small amounts.

Having a tiny bit of apple will not really harm a cat, but it is not good for them either.

It has none of the nutrients a cat really needs, and has too much sugar than is healthy for a cat.

You should instead give your cat a healthy good diet of high quality cat food or meat, as the protein is what they need.

They should not be eating fruits at all, since they are carnivorous and meat eaters.

So, the apples themselves are not recommended for cats, but won’t be toxic either.

But, the seeds themselves ARE toxic though, remember that. And they should never be exposed to an apple seed, it is simply too risky as there is cyanide inside them.

How Much Apples Are Okay Then?

There is really no need to panic if your cat has a lick of an apple, or a small bite from one. They are not deadly for them and are safe in small amounts.

It is when apples become an everyday thing, when it starts to become problematic and an issue for them.

They should not have apples as an everyday thing, and they are not good in such large quantities for them.

They are high in sugar, and can lead to obesity in cats, and actually starve them of essential nutrients that they should be eating instead, such as protein which they should be getting from their regular food, and meat.

This sugar that is found in apples can raise a cats blood sugar to unhealthy levels as well.

They can become diabetic and get symptoms as such.

Diabetes, and obesity are very serious for cats to develop, and having it will reduce a cats quality of life by far. You do not want those things for your cat, which is why they should not be eating fruits so high in sugar on the regular.

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can cats eat applesauce?
can cats eat applesauce?

Can Cats Eat Applesauce?

Applesauce that you get in the supermarket can be full of unhealthy preservatives, chemicals, and sugar as well, which are all bad for a cat.

So, it is not recommended to give a cat applesauce because of those ingredients it can have, especially if there is a long unknown list of ingredients in it.

What about homemade applesauce then?

When you are making applesauce at home, you have much more control over the ingredients and what actually goes into it.

If you are not adding things such as too much sugar into it, it should be fine if your cat tries out just a tiny bit of it.

They should not be eating whole bowls of it though, and especially not daily.

Human Foods That Cats Can Eat:

It is very understandable to wonder about this, as cats are such curious creatures, and they spend so much time around us and our food.

We love our cats and want what is best for them, but it can be hard to refuse them when they are curiously wanting to have a taste of whatever food we are enjoying at the moment.

They are very intelligent, so they may want to try what their “owner” is eating, from time to time.

Cats should, as a general rule have their own specific diet that is intended for them and their needs in particular, and fruits and such should not be a daily occurrence for them.

Despite this, there are some healthy alternative snacks for cats, and human foods that are safe for them to enjoy as a treat.

These are:

  • Green bell peppers
  • Celery
  • Zucchini
  • Carrots
  • Spinach
  • Peas
  • Broccoli
  • Pumpkins

As you can see, there are plenty of human foods that are safe for cats.

They are though, at the end of the day, meat eaters and should not need to have fruits or vegetables as a whole.

Feed your cat what he really needs and wants, and try to stay away from unnecessary food items such as apples.

Trust me, they don’t need them.

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