Why Do Cats Stare At You?: Staring In Cats

why do cats stare at you

Have you ever been casually reading a book, or watching some TV when you suddenly notice your cat just staring blankly at you? You aren’t the only one…

Cats are curious creatures, and they have many curious habits indeed, but one of those strange habits these animals have is to stare at you, or anyone else in the room.

What are they plotting…?

Why do cats stare at you? Let’s find out…

Why Do Cats Stare?

Cats truly are mysterious animals, and trying to figure out what their intent is, or what is on their mind is no easy task.

Unlike dealing with a human, we cannot just ask them to tell us why they are staring at us, or what it is that they want…

Cats have many behaviors that could be considered “odd”, or “strange”, but staring is considered to be one of those peculiar behaviors they have.

They have so many odd habits because they evolved to be both prey, and predators at the same time, thus having many distinct qualities and behaviors that reflect on that. (such as staring)

But there are actually many reasons why a cat might stare, just like how there might be many reasons why a human would be staring at you.

Some of these reasons are:

They Want Food

These animals are very intelligent, and they might have a habit of staring at you around dinner time, without you even realizing the real reason behind it.

They may be staring at you in hope that you will finally bring them some delicious cat food, or hoping you will take a hint.

When a cat is hungry and food is on their mind, they are going to be paying full attention to you, the one who always brings them their yummy food and meals.

If they stare long enough without any results, they may eventually start meowing loudly as well, hoping to finally get you to bring them some food.

Cat’s cannot talk remember, so they will use other means than we would use.

Instead of saying “hey, can I get some cat food?”, they will either stare at you, rub against you, meow at you, or do something more suitable for a cat.

why do cats stare at you. staring in cats. why do cats stare at people
why do cats stare at you?

Hunting Instincts & Pure Curiosity

These animals are natural hunters and predators, meaning they will constantly be attentive and very tuned into their surroundings.

If a little mouse appears in their field of vision, they will immediately jump at the distraction and eliminate the “threat”.

A cats strong hunting instinct, combined with their timid and skeptical nature means that they will constantly be on the lookout for potential threats, or prey.

They were both predators and prey in the past, meaning they will be on the defense, and also hunting simultaneously.

This causes them to have this defining “stare”, that they tend to get, as they meticulously pick apart their environment and examine it.

Their intelligence and vivid personalities also cause them to be very curious, and they love to explore the world and discover new things.

From a cat’s point of view, the world is one large playground, full of spectacular wonders and fun curiosities.

Cats are notorious people watchers, and almost everyone has noticed a cat casually sitting in a window sill, just watching the world down below go by.

Sitting in a high and secure place, is what cats love to do, and it is very important to them to feel safe like this. It is the same reason why they like high places so much.

From a high place they love to relax and stare at people and other pets for hours even, as it gives them a feeling of security and control.

Staring for cats ultimately gives them a feeling of control and safety.

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staring in cats…

Cats Stare To Show Affection And Gratitude

It has been proven that cats stare to show that they love you.

These animals do show affection quite differently than what you may be used to, but if you ever see your cat staring at you and then slowly blinking towards you, it is a sign that he loves and trusts you.

For a cat to close their eyes like this while being around someone else, it is a sign of trust and adoration.

If you want to tell your cat back that you love it as well, and thank it, you can return the favor. Just stare gently back and blink slowly, closing your eyes, then opening them again slowly.

Make sure you don’t glare or look aggressive while doing this as it might just scare your cat instead. Try to look caring and gentle instead while blinking slowly.

Is It a Good Or a Bad Thing?

Like mentioned previously, it is not easy knowing what our cats are thinking, or how they are feeling at a give moment.

That is why we must learn to read their body language, to know their emotional state and if they are feeling upset for example.

A cat staring at you can mean many different things, and can be either a good or a bad thing, depending on the circumstances.

If you accidentally stepped on your poor kitty’s tail and it is glaring at you, staring angry, then it is definitely not a good sign.

But on the other hand if your cat seems happy and content, slowly blinking at you calmly while in a relaxed position, it is probably a good sign.

Remember, cats can blink slowly to show affection and care.

When trying to figure out if it is a bad thing or a good thing that your cat is staring at you, you must note their body language and the current situation.

Are they looking content and calm? Or anxiously wagging their tail?

Maybe they are hungry, so try to remember when the last time you fed them was.

Ultimately, if your cat looks pained or nervous while staring at you, it is a sign of something bad, so try to figure out what it is they want or need.

But, a cat staring at you out of pure curiosity is not inherently a bad thing, so let them do it in peace and try to not let it bother you too much.

We all have our peculiarities after all, and things we enjoy doing.

If a cat is staring at you while looking calm and slowly blinking at you, it is a good sign as they trust and cherish you.

You should be proud of yourself, and it means you are a good cat owner if this is the case.

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