About Us

Hello! Do you love cats? So do we. Here at Cathour we adore and love our feline friends and are determined to provide the very best informative articles related to taking care of your cat and more.

We put a lot of effort into the research, fact checking and such in every single written piece here and that everything is as up to date as possible.

My name is Tiana and I am the head author and manager at the Cathour, sharing my devotion to these unique and intelligent animals with the world.

woman holding cat. blonde hair holding cat in arms.

I have enjoyed working with these animals for many years and love studying new things about them, and it is fascinating to learn what makes them tick and just how similar they are to us humans.

But yet so different, and working closely with them and doing volunteer work with cats, is one of the best ways to truly get to know them and it is how I have learned so much through the years.

The best way to learn more about and appreciate cats is to be up close to them as much as possible, watching them interact with one another and seeing how they act with us humans.

Especially when they have formed a strong bond with you, but it is important to always treat cats with respect, and look at them as little quirky friends in a way even.

Cats have been with us for such a long time and have a rich and amazing history behind them!

I am sometimes convinced at times that they can still remember their times being worshiped as gods in ancient Egypt, for they sure act like it at times…

But that’s just why we love them.

Each cat is different and it is interesting to see their progress as they start to trust you slowly and gradually become less shy, and even start to want the occasional cuddle and petting from you.

Not every new cat feels comfortable enough with being pet or touched though when they have just arrived into a shelter, and you have to give them enough time to feel confident enough and secure with it.

But that is okay, these things take time.